Saturday, December 3, 2011

Well! I guess *I* got told...

It was 1430, I was hungry as I ate at 0630, and after all my traveling and errands were over, I was turning into the clearly marked entryway..complete with turn arrows for the exit off the main road I took in order to enter McDonalds parking lot and around to the window to order a sandwich when a woman...probably 30 something came bolting out of the parking lot at a fairly high rate of speed considering it was a ramp.  She almost hit me head on...I swerved to avoid it if I could.  I was at a stop by then as she was within inches of the front of my car and I couldn't turn any farther to the left.  She screamed at me, questioned my heritage and called me several names, expanding my vocabulary with her choices and screamed some more.  Then took off on down the entrance ramp after informing me of my inability to drive among other things.

I won't forget her appearance, or of her old box like van.  Her hair was straight, burgundy colored, thin eyebrows and lips, eyes were narrowed while she was spewing filth at me, and her so white.  :-) Thin face.  She must be very sad and very disadvantaged in ways that count.

Well, I guess I am finished talking about that.  I suppose these things will happen while you are left wondering what was that all about?

Picture was taken in my front yard.



  1. The photo is beautiful!!

    The woman was hateful and arrogant. I am glad you are safe.

    And now I want to know if you got a Big Mac or a Whopper??


  2. One of the reasons Frankie won't let me drive Godzilla anymore.....that van would no longer be road worthy, Godzilla would be in the shop getting the front bumper straightened and I'd be waiting for my court date. I have no longer have any patience for people like that.

  3. She was late getting back to her "Occupy Protest" and you being a capitalist pig was in her way..... hehe.

  4. The meds must be kicking in early today. that should read "I no longer have any patience for people like that." On the other hand, the image in my mind's eye of crushing that van between Godzilla's front bumper and the side of the building may have something to do with it.

  5. LLOL at John Bord's comment. :-)

    Well, that would upset me greatly, even though it wasn't personal--i.e. she'd have screamed at anyone. Just happened to be you. Maybe HER meds hadn't kicked in yet!

  6. Well, did you get the fish sandwich or chicken?
    I honestly would have communicated with her with a gesture. I don't think I could ever do that but if being screamed at like that woman did you I think I could give her the finger with up action from elbow. Oh my.

  7. Glad you are okay friend. Some people think they own the road/parking ramp. I think there is a "B" word that could be used here. I'll leave it up to your imagination. Your photo is gorgeous. It does pay to look up doesn't it!!

  8. Well she obviously passed on the Happy Meal option!! Perhaps she should eat more salad :)

    Glad you're ok and love the tranquil pic.

  9. So glad you have no dent in your car Sis,
    these day you need to watch out especially in this time of years.
    The photos shows a cold weather?...
    xoxoxo Sis,Miyuki,Miss Catt, Victoria.

  10. I'm so glad you're OK and your car. Lovely photo.

  11. Hi Sis!
    They said what a pity that we need to go home
    already? if you don't says they would like to stayed another couple days.
    They will be leave tonight as usual time.
    Miyuki having another HOT buble bath now...
    Don't worry too much!

  12. Obviously she was having a bad day and you were the one she finally took it out on. Sorry you had to be the target. Hope it didn't ruin your meal.

  13. I am glad you were OK. It sure is very upsetting experience, though. Maybe she was having a bad day, but she did not have to pass on to a stranger!

  14. Well that was scary and upsetting but I'm glad you're ok though. You're right, she is lacking on things that count. You know what they say...what goes around comes around, someday she'll realize that.

  15. Well I guess she was having a bad day. God I hate when people do that. Cause the gentle person in me rises to a level I would like to smash their face in. But I am a gentle person so instead her behavior would bother me for days. I wouldn't be able to let it go thinking maybe I had done something wrong. I really do sometime wish I could be more aggressive but with the wackos out there better to keep your mouth close. Ok just thinking about it has be wired. Good thing you have a nice photo to soothe my soul. Have a wonderful week. Hugs Carrie

  16. My Goodness!! They ate a big dinner before they
    left here AND they rung me to said stopped on way home at McDonald Miyuki's has a Big Mac and Whopper...Now I wonder why Miyuki's getting fat:-)
    Well it doesn't matter they were safety home.. that okay.
    xoxoox Sis,Miyuki,Miss Catt, and Victoria.

  17. Great sky shot Carole you are getting better and better! I also love the header shot. A great shot of a beautiful building.
    I think everybody has had an encounter agressive and rude driver.
    Can I have a fry?