Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Tell you what, we hustled some around here.  The boys were here till New years Eve.  The last full day, all of a sudden the living room furniture got moved completely around.  Now, this was prepared for over a year ago with graph paper and careful measuring of the furniture as well as available space.  I did have Comcast come out and make me another connection on the other side of the room so I could move the couch from that side and put the TV in its place.  That move needed someone (NOT ME...ABSOLUTELY NOT ME!!) to unhook everything from the stereo/TV/speakers and re hook everything on the other side of the room.  That got done..all in a rush the day and evening before they left.   Furniture moved completely away from where it traditionally was.

The dining table and chairs moved to a wall where it has never been and it's far better off there.  I even had a light installed above where the table would be, and now is, in anticipation.

Two chairs, the recliner and the platform rocker are at rest against the back drop of a huge window now.  That was wasted space for a long time till I finally had the treadmill removed to this room where I am now.

On Friday there will be a new $$$$ wall unit delivered and set up where the TV and etc will be and actually is right now till the new unit comes.  I have invited my youngest to supper and hopefully he will re-hook up the TV etc.  I am bribing him with dinner.  I have to spend the money but the last thing I am going to do is get a new larger and better TV.  When I bought this We*tin*ho*se I had NO idea Consumer Report rated it like..below bottom.  So I a stuck with one that really is a bad one.  And I want a larger than this older 32 incher anyway.  I wish I knew someone who wants it.

I haven't found another furbaby yet.  Haven't looked very hard either.  I need a break after all she and I went through and this gives me a chance to do a bit of traveling too.  There will be another furbaby though.  I'll have to cat proof the house again.  Admiral was so sedate and dignified for years I could pretty much leave things out on the dressers..not worry about her leaping onto things better left un-leapt upon.  I was finally able to take the sheets off the furniture and tables (fur and prints) and the last 6 years have been reasonably print free.  :-)) She just slept in all of the chairs and in the beds.  I know more than once she had a party after I left for work and the party goers were invited in by her and some were thugs!  The water bowl was overturned and dragged out to the middle of the wooden kitchen floor.  Water sitting there warped the boards.   My dresser looked like a bomb site with my jewerly and hair ornaments played with and worn no doubt till the magic hour struck and all her thuggette friends went home and I was faced with the clean up after a 13 hrs midnight shift.

This is a watercolor done of me when I was 14 years old.

Meanwhile, checking in.  xox


  1. beautiful picture - and we are sure your son can be bribed with dinner.

    mom says she knows what you mean about the tv. she was sure hers was fine - and then grandpa bought a BIG one...and now she is jealous. :)

  2. It's always refreshing to move things around, once you get the way you like! We got a new loveseat, got rid of two chairs, then we got rid of 27" boxy OLD 70 lb tv which we replaced with a 46" flat screen Sharp Quattron. LOVE it. Am so glad. WE also had to have satellie people come in to upgrade the HD box which require drilling more holes in the exterior of the house, not something I wanted as now I have ugly wires protruding from the brick and also from the soffett. But if I wanted HD I had to do it, the installer was right. Enjoy your new living room!


  3. OH Sis a new start.. everything new.. how wonderful. I am doing the same thing and moving stuff is just the pits. Glad you have tons of help to help it be where you want it. I would take the TV in an instant as it has to better than the old old old one I have, but alas I am not close enough to come and get it from you. Darn.. isn't that the way? Anyhow.. hope you get used to the new arrangement and love it. Love the watercolor, very talented person did a fine job of it. You look lovely. TAke care

  4. We rearrange the house and poor Felix gets ALL suspicious--you would swear he's a giraffe he stretches his neck out so far. ha.

    Um, I think that *may* have been me into the hair ornaments. I'm just bad that way.
    xx Trish

  5. I love to move things around in the living room. Not much I can do in the bedrooms.

    I love my Samsung 42 inch TV. It is almost 5 years old. After having said that Murphy's Law will strike at any time.

    That is a beautiful picture of you Twin!!!


  6. So glad you got your furniture and TV moved. As you may recall, I'm always moving stuff around. I use the sliders which makes it much easier.My Grand kids had to move the TV though. My TV is a 46", but I could have gone with a little smaller one. The painting is very good, by a talented artist.

  7. Awesome watercolor. You are a fine looking woman weather you are 14 or whatever your age now. The artist did a wonderful job.

  8. Rearranged for the new year. Glad the boys helped you. They are wonderful kids btw. Have a nice evening.

  9. Gorgeous picture :) Oh and I love the header xox Sounds like you're doing a ending/starting chapter type thing. Good for you!

    Oh and I know sweet Admiral had many swains. Austin is privileged to be counted among them, even if only for a short while! >^,,^<

  10. Awww, LOVE that photo!! And that's a really nice watercolor of you.

    How great you got everything rearranged. We hope you really enjoy the new wall unit.

  11. That painting is gorgeous. So glad you got all your furniture moved. It must feel like living in a new house now. Love that picture of Admiral under the covers on the bed. So cute.

  12. Love your header Carole. :)

    Sounds like you and the boys have been busy, and they say a change is as good as a rest. I am sure your room looks lovely before and after. It will be even better once you get your new TV set up.

    Thank you so very much for stopping by for a visit, and encouraging comment. :) Thank you for your prayers, and for caring for me and my family. Like wise you and your boys are often in my prayers. I appreciate your friendship Carole. Again I pray God's Blessing upon you and your family as you continue to walk in His Ways.
    oxox Dianne :)

  13. Who you calling thug? You don't have a shred of evidence that it was me! I'm not guilty by reason of my innocence. Was any of the jewelry taken? There, you have your proof.

    Love that pic of Admiral

  14. It is bittersweet, but now you can finally move the furniture- isnt it funny how women Love and need to move the furniture?!
    your tale of the partying is funny :)
    Love the painting wow!

  15. You do seem to get things done when they need to get done...I really admire that. Procrastination is not a thing that does anyone any good but it's easy to fall into that. You know it was a funny thing when I lost our last pets I never did get another...I spent my whole life having dogs and cats but that was the last straw...I don't know if I'll ever go back. Whatever you decide to do I know you'll find just the right addition to your family! Bless you Carole, have a great day!

  16. I love that little write up on Ms Admiral. She was a lady, no doubt about that! I'm sure your youngest will help get everything hooked up for you. I mean, there's home cooked supper! Ever thought of travelling to Asia? :)

  17. My rooms are so small it's difficult to rearrange things. Want a new tv here too, and a place to put all the doodads that go with one.

    Love the watercolor. What cute girl.

  18. I hope you do get a new Baby Carole and fill your heart and your home once again. The baby will find you .. trust me on that. Thinking about you , Take your time and do keep on letting yourself feel when you need to. LB would want you to and too be happy.
    I have a slight mess going on and cant keep up again. Getting ready for a vacation soon also . That sums up where my thoughts and mind and energy are going. I think about you each day as you go though what need to be.
    Much Love

  19. And I love the artist you are. I too did oil, pencil and mixed media. Love it.

  20. I've gotten so far behind in my online reading thanks to a virus running through the family, several great books I got for Christmas and just general holiday laziness. I may never catch up but I'm trying.

    I know exactly what you mean about pet proofing the house. Sam was a terror until he was nearly 3 years old. When we got Buddy he was just at the end of his wild child Lab puppy stage, then Molly....suffice it to say the sheets are on the furniture and the back seat in the truck and Frankie no longer has throw pillows in the living room. Molly ATE all 4 one weekend when she was mad about something.

  21. That's a great portrait! You know during all of Ms. B's high times with your jewelry Topaz tried to discourage her from inviting the thugettes, but she wouldn't listen. Btw, I gave you a blog award. Drop by mine to check it out. http://grrlysquirrelheartsgavin.blogspot.com/2012/01/sharing-liebster-love.html

  22. wow your painting is very nice. I had to laugh at you description of your house after a late shift and the cat having a party. I love moving furniture around it just makes you feel like you moved to a new place.