Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Oh noes, Tag! You're IT!

I have been tagged by Michelle to tell some things about me.  I think everyone knows about all there is to know about me really except that which I won't tell.  :-)

A. I'm supposed to describe myself in seven words but I will use sentences.  The fun part one ever sees you the way you see yourself so there'd be some argument no doubt by folks close to me.

I am completely honest, even with myself.

I'm like a Scout, trustworthy.  If I say I will, I will.

I'm a  child of God.  I will be honored if I am therefore villified and/or taken to task for that by those who aren't.

My children are my treasure.

I am a serious amateur photographer.

I write stories and poems.

I love to laugh.

B. Describe what keeps you up at night.

Having to get up very early. I keep napping and looking at the clock.

C.  What Would You Like to Be?


D. What Are You Wearing?

Tee and yoga pants.

E. What is Best and Worst of Blogging?

We all agree that getting to know others is the best.  Finding time is the worst.

F.  Slankets or Not?

A thousand times no.

G. What Scares You?

Not a lot.  Probably being terribly sick.

About the person who tagged me.

A dear blogging friend called Michelle whose excellent blog caught my attention the first time I "met" her and Topaz her cat, on Twitter.   Please go and visit this lovely human being who has made a success out of her life and is always learning --and who is a credit to her family.  

I think I only have perhaps one person, Joe   whom I consider to be a brother, to nominate as most others have already participated but if you did not..PLEASE do.  I would love to learn more about you.  xoxox


  1. I may be a day late or so Carole. I am studying for tonight, have to run through my exercises before heading out and do the music before I teach but I'll do it...only for you!

  2. I have one question, what are Slankets?

  3. I wondered what Slankets are too. LOL I didn't find out one thing about you that I didn't already know. xx

  4. Hey you were had! :) Good answers indeed. Always good to find out a little bit more about folk xox

  5. It's too late at night for me to even think about those things. I might give away more than I should. Still I would say that I have learned to be more honest with myself. From there it radiates out into your life. At least I hope it does. Time for sleep. Zzzzz...zzzzz...

  6. Thanks for playing! Love to you and Katie! (((hugs)))