Thursday, May 24, 2012

Another Dreary Day Out There

I swear, every week it seems there are 4 days of rain.  The next 3 are sunny usually but then, the same pattern starts again.  We have had the 4 days and nights of rain and gray; today is the 5th day and it is foggy still with the weatherman's promise of lifting fog by noon and then, three days of sun!  Guess what happens Monday next week and the following three days on the weather chart?  Rain.

The pet blogs are sad right now as there are so many of our pets who have passed away all at once it seems.  In other words within a week of one another.  May seems to be a sad month for we pet owners.

I remembered that I have a 50 mm lens for my camera so I got it out and tried to take some pictures without a lot of success.  It is definitely different.  I got a half way decent flower photo but that was dumb luck.  The f stop is tricky for me.  Seems like 1.8 or 2.8 is the range but then, the manual focus seems trickier than it is with my long lens.  Probably just me having NO idea what I'm doing.  I may gear up against the fog and likely rain (for the 5th day!!) and head on out to try again.  My indoor pictures are a disaster with it.  I know I just need someone here to say NO you doofus.  Do it THIS way.  Alas, that person hasn't shown up yet.  And won't.   Dang.

Today I make a birthday cake to give to the oldest who will be here this weekend.  His birthday is not until the 29th but we must do the celebration early this time.  His youngest brother will join us briefly as we have supper at a restaurant in Knoxville.

I hope it is a good day and impending weekend for you.  It will be here.  XOX


  1. No rain here at all, but heat oh yeah.when the rain comes so does the humidity so we have that to look for. Ventured out into the store yesterday,a short trip. Was glad to get back home. Still limping around waiting for the strength to come back. Hope the birthday party is fun. Take care Sis.. XXOO

  2. It's been quite damp and cool here...I cringe as i see the forecast. I hope we won't be seeing this through the month of June. This holiday weekend looks to be one of the worst for weather yet...sigh.

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  4. Could be worse, ever heard of 40 days and 40 night, lol. You know I love you. I know, it gets a person down with all that rain.

    So sad when one loses a pet. They are such a huge part of a family.

    Now you know I am happy as can be that Donald won DWTS. Yes, they all really deserved it. Would have been kind of neat to see a 3 way tie and have to give them each one.

  5. @ Terry! I wish they HAD! They ALL deserved it. All three.

  6. No rain here which we really do need. It is very warm and humid and we are under a wind advisory.

    Happy Early Birthday to your son. What kind of cake is it??


  7. @Beth..yellow cake with chocolate icing and "snowflake" sprinkles on top. xox

  8. Same type of weather here. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that next week will be good as I am taking a little trip back to that island that I have grown to love. You have a much more sophisticated camera than I do. I have no clue what all the different settings mean.

    I know what you mean about the pets the last few months. My sister lost her adorable Bella a few months ago. I was even planning to post her blog.

    I knew you were upset when you said "dang", but c'mon, fess up. You really meant to say darn.

  9. Sis,
    Good morning just we has a raining day,
    but some my friends are not worry so much...
    I was going to see them 11:00pm at Richmond.
    I will wait 29th about your son and be back soon, I think at last night thank you for about help me.
    Sis,Katie,Miyuki and victoria,

  10. Actually, we could use some rain here. The high temperatures for the weekend around here are supposed to be in the 90s, and Ron still isn't feeling 100%, so we may have to revise our plans for our trip to Columbus (Ohio).

    Speaking of cakes, we just finished the pineapple upside down cake I made in our 1950s Sunbeam electric skillet.

    Hope you have a great visit with your sons, and Happy Birthday to your oldest son!

  11. I wish an early happy birthday to your son! Where do you like to eat in Knoxville?

    1. Do you ever eat at Aubrey's? There is one in just about every part of town.

  12. Sis!
    I just thinking about you this morning I try to explain to what I wont to write on about your son Tennessee Knoxville??
    Sis,Katie,Miyuki and Victoria.