Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Oh gee whiz, it's raining again.  It showered last night but a very frank rain out there early this morning when I got up with the wind blowing hard as well.  For now that has stopped but it is gray with poetically speaking, more on the way!

Housework.  I get a reminder every now and again that it is unending.  You can feel as though you're in a movie where someone re-winds and there you are again, taking cleaning materials etc out and beginning.  Fast forward, re-wind and the same scene over and over.  The pleasure of a clean and tidy home is transient for certain.  I have said since MSN Spaces blogging days that I still cannot comprehend how one woman and one cat can make such a mess.  I keep up with the worst of it day by day but the weekly dredging and back -hoeing is still needed regardless.

Who knows what a Johnny Cake is?  Apparently here in the South there is a different definition and making of same.  You Yankees (that takes in the entire rest of the Country)  have your own recipe? Just askin'.

Here's the last hail and rain storm a couple weeks ago.


  1. I know that johnny cakes are cornbread pancakes. I have never tasted one though.

    Cleaning is never ending, it just keeps going and going! xx

  2. What Beth said! Scattered showers here today, just enough to make the house muggy with the windows closed but not enough for the A/C.

  3. I can't say that I've had a johnny cake, I've spent most of my life in the West so I'd say I'm likely certifiable Yankee at this point...though N.C. born. It's a big 47 degrees here and the gloom is gosh, time for it to go back to the warmth of the last week or so...what happened?!?

  4. My dad used to call cornbread Johnny cake. He was from the south. Either way, when he made it we loved it. Still do.

  5. The weather forecast said it was going to rain this weekend here, but I haven't see a drop so far.
    I've never heard of Johnny Cake so I googled. It looks yummy!

  6. Sis,
    I was not thinking about Johnny Cake...
    We will back to better warmth of today in only 22 degrees.
    I need for more to do my body in everyday days.
    Katie,Miyuki,and Victoria

  7. The outdoors temperature at our house is now 66.7. We have had thunderstorms moving through our area for about an hour. It has been a long time since we had hail, fortunately. The basic definition of Johnny Cake seems to be that it is cornmeal flatbread, made from Newfoundland to the Caribbean. I could find no indication that the southern US version (called hoecake?) is significantly different from those made in more northern parts. I suppose you need to cook it on a flat rock at an open fire or on a hoe out in the fields for it to be excrutiatingly authentic. :-) There is a recipe for Johhny Cake in the "Southern Food" section of

    This recipe doesn't use flour and doesn't say whether or not the recipe is "southern" (although the page does say another name for them is "hoecakes".

    This recipe is presented as a New Englnd recipe:

  8. Love love love johnnycake. Dad made it all the time and that's what he called cornbread. I like it nice and hot so that the butter melts all over it...yum. Now you did it...I'm hungry for johnnycake! :O)

  9. Hi Sis,
    Thank you for your send me that the E-mail for make me so happy today.
    We both was we are happy for our letter too.
    I went for the shopping center for my new glass.
    Are you remember friends for New Zealand?
    Sis, Katie,Miyuki.and Victoria.

  10. Sis..YANKEE born and bred but parents were from TENN. My cornbread is from scratch and I use Martha White most times.Not one to make Johnny cakes though,I like the cornbread! XXOO