Wednesday, May 9, 2012

So, What's it all about?

I was looking at the news over on Yahoo yesterday and ran across this sobering article.  I knew all of it already but I absolutely did NOT know about UTAH and that horrifying thing.  Read all of this for your own good.  Apparently we all feel helpless and lay down and take it.   Scroll all the way down.

Aside from that horror..give some thought to what is happening regarding the Nation's obesity epidemic as it has been called.  Now folks, there will always be those who over-eat.  I know that.  There will be those who eat so-called junk food.  I am aware of that as well.  But it has been that way since time began.  What I want to know is now why are even babies so over weight that they TOO are called obese?  And you and I both know I am not referring to baby fat as it used to be called.  These infants and toddlers..of course children all the way through school are increasingly obese.  Now guys and gals, sorry.  Sitting around after school isn't going to do all of that.  And what about the infants and babies and toddlers?

Can you say additives and chemicals in our food stream these past years ladies and gents?  I fully believe that additives put in our food supply by foreign manufactures and those manufacturers here in this Country who manufacture foodstuffs- are adding things that never were there in the food supplies thru the years until the last generation who are adults now, fat and with fat children by and large (no pun intended).  Since there is melamine in the baby formula, and this Country apparently allows a certain amount..and who knows WHAT else in the rest of the food stream aside from the antibiotics etc which are scary all in themselves (antibiotics) who KNOWS what we are ingesting with no knowledge and no way to stop it?

Again..yes.  People over eat,  But not to the tune of 45-50% obesity rate for the Country. Something external to their eating habits is at fault these days in my opinion and by the way..what about the horrible rise in diabetes both in little children and adults?

The media NEVER address anything other than acting as though everyone is purposefully eating themselves into oblivion.  Well, I don't think they are, at least no more than did in generations before this one.

Now, our animals are at risk again.  See this recall.


  1. I have often felt that this along with scores of other issues seems more about the news or hype it can generate rather than getting to the real causes and trying to help. I think that studies are more about influencing people one way or the other rather than educating so something can be done about it without a bunch of political motives being involved. I guess bottom line is there's a lot more to the whole love your neighbor as yourself thing than many thing. If this was priority just think of the things that could get done...well, I can dream can't I?

  2. The article on Yahoo was very sobering. However I have too many other things on my mind to give it a lot of thought. ;-)

    As for children and babies being obese, some of this is caused because the only foods which some poor families can afford are just plain fattening. In some cases the parents are to blame as they don't seem to care whether their children get exercise and eat properly. I grew up in a large poor family and there wasn't a chubby one among us.

  3. I have now crossed the line into obesity according to the chart. Incorrect eating,stress, lack of exercise and menopause has fogged my brain to just wanting to be horizontal all the time. Not feeling safe outside is a strong force.

    1. Amen I feel your pain..I am off the chart I imagine but eat less than anyone I know. It is sad what things they add to foods now days.I eat almost no junk food and still feel bad.

  4. I think there are many reasons for it - some of those already expressed by your readers above, and food additives may also play a part in it. But we don't all live in the country so we can grow our own food. I'm overweight and quite frankly it's from lack of exercise which I have trouble getting because of health. I think a lot of things can play into this problem.

  5. SIS,sad to say..but going back to the old way of cooking things from fresh and scratch and no fast or junk foods is the only way to go. Been doing that and can say it makes me feel better. I haven't lost nearly what I want but it's a slow process. Those children who are toddlers and weigh a hundred pounds,I hope GOD watches over them,their parents are out of control or the kid is ill one.

  6. George Orwell was right about everything it seems.