Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday and some pictures

Guys, my lens bit the dust.  It's going to be repaired so close to a thousand won't have to be paid out, just a third of that for repair.  Sigh. It's broken and I don't know how or why.  It has never been roughly handled, dropped or talked to in a cross voice.  Wait, I take that back.  I have said a few things to it on occasion when I was not able to do what I wanted to do because I found later that I didn't adjust the ISO. So I blamed poor Victoria (that's the camera's name).

I have a cheap little point and shoot not even as good as the point and shoot I used back in my MSN Live Spaces blog days.  I am not used to no view finder and not being able to focus on my own.  This sucker has auto.  So the pictures I post till the camera and its lens are mated again will be pitiful more pitiful. I couldn't get the pictures onto iPhoto as my camera wanted to send them to ViewNX that came with the CD for the camera.  Thanks to Horst, I am now able to get these blurry offerings onto iPhoto and then, onward to your discerning eye.

BUT for me, happy news.  I have a container garden as I live on the edge of the woods and we are caked up with deer, fox, raccoons,  bears, coyotes,  and they eat those that are planted in the ground.  No more of that.  These are on my deck.  I have had great success each year. And dad burned if there aren't two baby bell peppers on it.  I planted red bell peppers.  These guys are green.  I hope they turn red as they grow.  I also have half a dozen tomato flowers.  These are so-called purple tomatoes.  I hope they aren't too too big and that I can keep everything staked up.

Here is my offering of the day.


  1. Awesome about your plants! All our photography is with point and shoot cameras, except some of the baby taken with my daughter's DSLR. She got a ew "portrait lens" for it for baby pics, though if we aren't careful they are out of focus due to its narrow depth of field.

    Hoping they surprise you and send your lens back faster than expected.

  2. I think your point and shoot did a fine job! That is all I have, 3 point and shoot. A 5 MP, 8 MP and a 14 MP.
    How are you staking the plants up? I am going to need something taller than what I have.
    BBQ is in the oven, I set a place for you.


  3. I hope you get your lens back soon. In the meantime, the little point & shoot will do fine for everyday photos. Doesn't it have an LCD screen, so you can get an idea of what you are taking? My camera doesn't have a viewfinder, and I don't really miss it. Ron's Nikon D60 DSLR does have a viewfinder, but I don't like his camera for a variety of reasons. For one thing, the viewfinder on the D60 is not as good as the viewfinder on my old, long gone Miranda Sensorex film SLR. My main complaint about my camera is that I have almost no control over shutter speed.

    I hope you have great success with your pepper plants. Yes, they are green now...all sweet peppers start out that way. :-) I should warn you about a few things. First, it will take longer than you think for the peppers to start turning color. It always seems like forever for our peppers to start turning color. Second, our experience is that you cannot get home-grown sweet peppers to turn solid red (or yellow, or orange) without having them start to rot first. We harvest our sweet peppers as soon as they are a little more than 50% red/yellow/orange. If you are nervous about their condition, 50% should be fine. Third, sweet peppers, like tomatoes are susceptible to blossom end rot if they are watered unevenly. They do not like to stand in water, but they also do not like to have their soil get too dry.

    Finally, I'm not sure anybody can answer this, but I have tried numerous times to get the "virtual cat" (at right) on our Flickr profile page, but with no success. When I enter the code (either kind) and save the changes, not only does the cat not appear, but when I go into the edit mode again, the code for the cat has disapeared. I did get a "jukebox pop-up on our profile page a long time ago. Does anybody have any suggestions as to a solution?

  4. YAY for Horst coming to rescue the damsel in distress - what a kind friend you have. Now those pictures you posted are great. I suspect you would disagree with me because you have a photographer's eye, but I think they look good. When you finally do get your lens back, you will really appreciate it.

  5. I hope that the camera situation will actually give you some new ideas that will carry over when you get your lens back. I've been the point and shoot person in our family and don't mind one bit. I hope your gardening is a smashing success this year...say a little prayer for this black thumbed Montanan here would you?

  6. Sis,
    I was lovely to see your tomato are grow well I still thinking about the last years ones.
    I had to went see Horst place it was just beautiful place with her.
    I hope you get your lens Sis...Do you remember last time ago my Andrew is given to me on December 2011 later Nikon..

    Now I've got to the point where I totally accept my thinking....
    Sis,Katie,Miyuki,and Vitoria.

  7. Oh I hope Victoria gets over the blame and its lens heals :-)
    Your plants look great. I hope the bell peppers will turn red eventually. I love red peppers!

  8. Hope the lens is back to you soon, but those pictures are pretty good. I'm sure Victoria misses the fun times with you. Your little garden looks pretty good. What a good addition to your wonderful meals.