Saturday, June 9, 2012

Almost Saturday

I had a good day because I learned a lesson.  Again.  Listen and keep your mouth s-h-u-t.  Now let's see if I can remember that.

I am being beaten soundly in a Words With Friends game.  I had the worst letters in the world.  bunches of e's, numerous i's and too many a's.  I had to swap letters twice which means two turns lost right there. I can't catch up.  The score is me:  309 VS him: 368.  Sigh.

I went to where the wild flowers are and took some pictures.  I had to delete about 20 of the 42 I brought home.

I have home cooked pinto beans on my mind with some cold cole slaw to have with and I like to boil a few potato quarters in the pinto put with its juices.  The potatoes pick up the flavor..just call me Southern, which I am.  Put a bit of chopped onion into the beans and add a hunk of corn bread..just close my eyes when I'm done.

Twin said she almost bought some cherries while out.  Be still my beating heart.  EVERY time I buy those I eat them till I bust wide open.  Soon as I feel better I do it again.

Here's something from this morning's hunt.  Aside from some mosquito bites that is.


  1. Well, I am 72 years old, and I STILL don't know how to keep my mouth shut!:-)

    Pinto beans, cole slaw, and cornbread are a favorite around here! Onion in the beans, but I've not cooked potatoes in with them.

    Nice wildflower picture! Sorry about the mosquito bites.:( Seems to be their time to cause some problems.

    Have a good night!

  2. That is really a beautiful shot of the wildflowers.

    Rae is the one who cooks pinto beans. I haven't cooked any in a very long time and never with potato in it. I will remember that though as it sounds so good especially with the cornbread.

    The cherries were advertised at $3.49 a lb but there wasn't a cherry of any kind in the produce dept. So I bought red seedless grapes instead at 98 cents a pound.


  3. Ham Hocks and Pinto beans used to be a favorite of ours back in the military days. Haven't thought about them in years actually. The picture you too is very very nice. Hope you are having a wonderful day and finally beating whoever you are playing with.

  4. I love that picture. Funnily enough I tried to take a pic of something similar today and failed completely. Now I can enjoy yours :)

  5. That's a great photo! I'd like to invite it to a group, if you would post it on Flickr. I commonly take at least two shots of any one subject, usually more (Ron, not so many), so I wind up deleting a whole lot of shots.

    I avoid competitive games. :-)

    If you can find them, I recommend yellow-eye beans, yellow split peas, canary beans, and/or red ball beans (frijol bola roja). The yellow-eye beans might be at a health food store or a shop that sells bulk foods in sensible amounts. The other three might be found at an international foods store that has a good selection of Goya products.

  6. Wild flowers are such wonderful things! I love that shot there, I would have taken a shot like that myself if I could have! Sorry I'm late to get here...I've been so occupied with things lately...wish they were fun things...ah well.

  7. Hi Sis,
    Today is (Queen's birthday) I was all days with my friends
    just gone through all my emails meager results I always motivated to buy the dam things.
    The potatoes are not cooked yet amounts while some time for lately.
    I do appreciate you checking in on me sometime I dropped off to sleep unintelligent for an hour.

    I was very happy today from Sis,Katie,and Miyuki,
    Thank you I will be very happy for me.
    Love you...

  8. Oh that is a beautiful picture of wild flower!!
    I love pinto beans, too. Adding corn sounds yummy!

  9. Hi There, It's great to hear from you again.. It's been a long time... I love comments --so come back soon!!!!!

    OH--how I love pinto beans and cornbread. But--even though I put onions, ham and bacon in mine, I've never heard of putting potatoes in them... Neat idea!!! Thanks...

    Hope you are having a great summer.

  10. First of all great pic! Didn't Glen Campbell sing "Pinto Beans on my Mind"?
    You have made me very hungry.

  11. Sometimes it's hard to keep quiet. A person could bite off their tongues at times. Love the flowers. I hate when your Words with Friends tray is either all vowels or consonants.

  12. What a great picture, Carole! Sorry to hear the skeeters got you, though!

  13. Deareest Carole,

    Thanks for your visits and comments and your writing is fun. Oh, we never learn and about the cherries... I ate most of them before we went on our trip to Florida. LOVE them and I can't stop either.
    Love to you,