Thursday, June 28, 2012

Reckoning Day

Today, we all headed off to the Credit Union and I used the coin sorter and counter for a vase of change I have been filling for some time now.  I thought for the heck of it I would show you how much it all came out to.  AND if the picture will cooperate, I will show you how shiny my grandson made my car.  You can see the shine in the side of the car.

Tonight is pizza but I may not go.  I need to study the radio manual as that hasn't been done since my son arrived.

Had a good day today.  Worked out, came back and my sontook pictures of an old school house.  Not the one he went to but the school administration building so as to get a sense of texture which will help in making a model of his own school befote it burned and a new one was built.

Let's see if I can get some pictures in and by the way, I'm happy as my lens was returned to me.  All fixed.


  1. Great news about your camera lens. :)

    Isn't it amazing how much change can collect in a vase or bowl?

    Your car looks fantastic. Your grandson sure did a great job of shining it up.

    Have a great day, friend!

  2. Amazing to both things! And hooray for the lens return. If you had to pay for the lens repair (we forget whether or not you did) maybe that coin collection helped!

    Will Katie Isabella get to go to the coin machine one day with her allowance collection?

  3. Good job on the picture. It worked. What a great job your grandson did - maybe he could come up here and do ours. he he Change really adds up fast doesn't it. I collect change in a jar too, which I cash in at the bank once a year. it's always amazing as to how much is there.

  4. That was a very nice sum you saved in change this past year! Grandson did a super job on your car and mine is waiting for him. I do believe Illinois is closer to you than Wisconsin. ;-) xx

  5. Wonderful news on all counts! It sounds like everyone has been busy at your house, maybe even Katie.:)

  6. You had a great morning. Your lens is back. Congrats Carol.
    Your grandson too. :) Mine also by the youngest.

  7. Stopped to play with your kitty here and I got stuck. Nice place to get stuck. :)

  8. I love your name on the street sign. Saw mine once or a friend sent it over.
    Now I off.:)

  9. Nice profit from the change. The car looks great! It sounds like you are all having a fine time, even if you didn't get pizza. Our favorite place for pizza is a regional chain, so people outside this area wouldn't know about it. :-)

  10. Super that you got your lens back. Now to see all of those photos that you will take. :-)

  11. Hi Sis,
    Your Grandson with Katie to keep focused on the positives when the negatives come.
    I'll find that it enlarges in just the way I had hoped for you.
    Sis,Grandson,Katie,Miyuki,and Vicitoria.

  12. Saving is good no matter how it's done but getting that bonus must have made you really happy. Glad the lens is back know you missed it. Stay cool

  13. I'm behind as usual and I'm glad about the lens, after to read. Grandson sure did a fine job on the car.
    I keep adding to my change, a pile of it.
    Nice street sign too. Have a good Friday.

  14. I bet you're as happy as can be to have your camera lens back!

  15. Your car does look very shiny! Great job!
    Glad you are having good time...and your lens is fixed!!