Saturday, June 16, 2012

Something went differently

The trip to go to the graduation went differently this time.  Another tractor trailer over turned on I-40 in Green Co the very morning we had to leave for Charlotte NC.  These overturned trucks on the Interstate seem endemic these days. They decided to close the entire Interstate for a good 7 hours if not more.

 Guess who needed I-40 to get over the mountains to Charlotte?  That would be me. So, we had to divert to I-81 and go allllll the way to Kingsport and beyond and find I-26, and then travel on it till I was in familiar territory after which time I got onto US74 E.  It was a long while to get to my son's home.  We piled into HIS car and traveled another 4 hrs. to stay over night in a motel as the graduation as 1000 hrs Friday morning.  My room was OK and I inspected the bed.  Two of my sons who were together in the next room discovered bedbugs.   They at the front desk, besides being not speaking English much were very defensive about it the bedbugs.  Bruce made them come and look at it.  And he made a video.  He showed them THAT too.  So they were given another room at which time the boys completely stripped the beds or close enough looking for bedbugs.

 The so-called Continental breakfast next morning was terrible.  Very little coffee, dried/ dessicated bagels and 4 small stale little donuts and a few slices of bread.  The coffee was in a qt. sized thermos  thing and she took her time refilling it.

 Coming home entailed a LONG delay (not our weekend to travel I guess) that was an located and completely unexpected delay at that, west bound I-40 where the huge used-to-be-rock slide is in the Smokey Mountains.  (They are still working there shoring up the mountains).

The trip was more than worth it all, both coming and going.  We got to see a much awaited graduation with all due pomp and circumstance and an Army band.  Lunch with the friends and guests who attended with us, and then back to Charlotte.  AND, on the way back to Charlotte we stopped at a roadside stand that had genuine for real home made ice cream and it was peach ice cream.  They had a kazillion peaches from their farm for sale too.  Those ice cream cones were huge.  Each scoop was fully half a cup of ice cream I swear.  That was a towering double scoop that took time to eat and it was fantastically delicious.

The Grad and me and both sons (third boy could not make it due to work) made it back to Charlotte about 7pm that evening.  Hot, sweaty and full of ice cream and everyone happy.  Our Grad boy got his first iPhone for his graduation from his dad.  Friends gave gifts too, mostly money.  He handed that bounty pretty much to his son for safe keeping.

All you Daddies out there, Happy Father's Day tomorrow.  All of you women who may be as I was, a mom and a dad (best I could) Happy Father's Day to YOU as well.  With love and gratitude to each conscientious parent, single or married, especially you Dad's. 


  1. Road trip from hell, IMO. Hope no one was seriously injured, though, or worse, killed. We've had a few accidents on highway 401 recently that have completely blocked/bottle-nosed/detoured traffic here, created awful havoc. The most recent, just a few days ago, mercifully had no serious injuries. The tractor trailer was full of toilet paper!

    Anyway, I'm so glad the graduation, festivities and peach ice cream made it all worthwhile!

  2. WHEW!! That was quite a trip. I am glad you are home safe. Congratulations to your grandson!


  3. Glad to hear that it was a worthwhile trip. That Ice Cream sure sounded good, and I love Peach. Good to hear that you had a safe trip.

  4. What a trip! Seriously, Carole, I'm glad you and yours made it there and back safely - and with no extra little hitchhikers (bedbugs)!

    Congratulations to the graduate and Happy Father's Day to all.

  5. So sorry about your road issues in both directions. But it does sound like the graduation AND the peach ice cream made it very worthwhile.

  6. I had wondered about you when I heard about that traffic problem on I-40 over the mountain. Yuck about the bedbugs! There should have been no charge for the room because of that! I remember one time our "continental breakfast" consisted of a Little Debbie cake and little cans of juice. Good that you have safely returned.

  7. Worth the hassle for the super graduation and the ice cream :)

  8. Hi There, We got IN that traffic jam going to and from Asheville this past Thursday (overturned 18-wheeler).... We went back to the Biltmore to see their summer blooms including their roses... Sat for 1.5 hours going --on that horrible stretch of I-40... Not fun!!!!

    Then coming back, it wasn't as bad --just slow... We have the worst luck with that stretch of road. We seem to always get stuck there due to a wreck or rock slide... NOT FUN!!!

    But--like you, the trip was worth it once we got through that mess... We love Asheville and Biltmore and the Blue Ridge Parkway near there --but getting there is not always easy.

    Happy Father's Day to you.

  9. Sounds like your trip started in a difficult way...but glad you had good graduation and peach ice cream :-) Long time ago I stopped at a shop near highway between Atlanta and Charlotte and there I found many peach products. I loved their peach cider.
    Happy father's day!

  10. That trip almost sounded like the trip form Hell - except for the graduation part. That motel sounds horrible. I wonder if they ever get any repeat business. I sure wouldn't stay there twice. Glad you made it home safely and enjoyed the graduation> I'm sure it meant a lot to your grandson to have you there too.

  11. Dear Sis,
    You came home very fast just thinking fast home too
    I thinking about your way the highway from Atlanta and Charlotte just make me remember when looking about your graduation is very big one him.
    Sis,Katie,miyuki and Victorie.

  12. Wow, first the road blockage and the bed bugs. Not a good way to start, but the end result was all worth it. Congratulations to the young man. Now I want a peach ice cream cone.

  13. WOW what an ordeal..OH I would certainly turn that place into some kind of authorities they have to be reported when those bugs are found,,ewww scary..I bet your bed never felt so good when you got back home. Glad everything else was okay for your visit. Congrats to your Grandson.. XXOO

  14. Gee, you really had to work for things on this trip Carole! I've heard of the problems there are with bedbugs now. I never forget my dealings with them that I've had abroad. I've been used for their meals more than once I'm afraid. I'm glad all still worked out in the end!

  15. Dear Sis,
    you are very happy with everything for you Sis.
    I thinking for your love Grandson was all his time too.
    Take care of your life...
    Sis.Katie.Miyuki.and Victoria.

  16. It's good about the graduation and the peach ice cream. That trip of yours was a bit too much of an adventure for my taste. :-) We too check for bedbugs. I agree with Caroldee, that the motel should be reported, and to every authority possible, including the local Chamber of Commerce there. I doubt that the CoC will care about your sons, but the CoC might care about the possibility of bad publicity for the area. Oh yes, report that motel to the Better Business Bureau in that area.