Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Whoa Nelly

Hi guys,

I have the pleasure of my middle son being here and my grandson as well.  They got here last Thursday and while they will leave this Saturday, still we have been having a great time.  We have been eating like no tomorrow too.  I will pay for that.

Today my grandson did a superb job of washing and polishing my car.  And his family car too.  I was so pleased with it I even took a picture of it.  I hope you don't mind if I show it off here soon.

I got a new television too.  10 inches larger than the one I had.  I still have lots of room in the entertainment center but this was enough for me.

The temps will be 100 and 100+ the rest of the week and thru the weekend into Monday at least.  Nellie, WBIR Tod said 99 but Julia (on in the morning) said 100 and so does Weather.com.

My tomatoes are really clustering up out there and those suckers are big!  No ripening yet of course.

Hate to be in here as they are all in the living room so I'll blow kisses your way and head on back in.


  1. That is super news - your new TV that is. So nice of your grandson to help his grandma out too. What a nice boy. Enjoy what is left of their visit for all too soon they'll be leaving and you'll just have memories left along with an empty wallet. he he

  2. So glad the visit is going so superbly. But sorry for your high temperatures. It is Tennessee after all :-(

  3. I am glad you all are having fun. Temps here Thursday to be 101. 110 near St Louis where my brother lives.
    Congrats on the new TV. xx

  4. Yes, I'm looking hard for a cool spot for the next several days! No relief at the first of next week, either.:(

    It's such a good thing that you are having a good time! Great job for your grandson to wash your car!

  5. Glad to hear you are having a good time with family. Looking forward to your pictures. Have a great rest of the week Carole. :)

  6. 100's not bad...... then I don't like em any more....I vote in favor of the 80's and a nice comfortable TV n bowl of popcorn. Neat Grandson to clean and polish the car.

  7. Dear Sis,
    I start few stating your family about middle son Nellie..
    Tennesse Madlecity...
    Your grandson help for wash your car...
    You take care with Nikon D40,
    Sis,Katie,Miyuki,and Victoria.

  8. What a great kid, but then I knew he would be. Been wanting a new tv here, but just can't justify one when the old works so well.

  9. I'm so glad you've been enjoying some family time!

  10. Sounds like fun with the family, but couldn’t stand that heat!!!

  11. We've been broiling here and even had a large fire that we could easily see from our backyard. I'm thankful for today's brief cool down. Have fun Carole!

  12. How wonderful of your grandson to wash your car! He sounds so great and sweet :-) I would love to see the photos!!

  13. Glad they came for a visit. Temps here too are bad but I do remember the heat etc in TENN in July..glad I am far north of you. Have a wonderful visit,

  14. Glad that you are having such a great visit with family and that Katie is enjoying it too!

    My preferred method of washing the car is called "rain". :-)

    Weather forecasts for our area have backed off a little from their predictions of three 100+ days in a row, but our current outside temperature at the house is 101.7F.