Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday and Saturday

I think I shall go to the Farmers Market tomorrow and I think I shall not get any more of the Cherokee Purple tomatoes to grow.  This is the only bad year I have had ever.  I probably got 8 total tomatoes off of it and only 4 were fit to eat.  NO peppers but two small 3 or 4 inch ones.  I have NO idea what happened there either.

Olympics opening ceremonies are on.  I enjoyed the London Symphony Orchestra with the focus on someone playing only a single note on the instrument..using his smart phone and dreaming of running by the ocean with his mates.  It was funny.  Chariots of Fire was the background music for that imaginary run on the beach.  Funny.

Here is a Rose of Sharon.  And no rant today.  Peace.


  1. It may have been the terrible heat this summer that caused your tomatoes and peppers to not do well. My tomatoes were decimated by the heat.

    The Rose of Sharon is beautiful!

  2. Hi Sis,
    Today 28 days for Andrew's birthday,
    as you know not same place he lived in Melbourne but he will be back in soon. hear hope so.
    Sorry this years lost tomatoes that is I don't was must be very hot weather.
    but next years all with happy time.
    You are enjoyed the London symphony orchestra his smart phone and dreaming of to the ocean..
    You never has before when you coming in here with Katie too.
    I has all the time happy with you sis!
    Next time Tennessee Mable city..
    Love you..

  3. I watched the ceremony too, most of it. I'm not a particular fan of Rowan Atkinson, aka Mr. Bean, but I did enjoy that bit with the Symphony.

  4. Peace to you also...
    I cannot believe the ceremonies were yesterday, not that I could have watched anyways..

  5. I thought the ceremony was a bit “meh” except for the athletes coming in. Even as a Brit I thought some of it was a bit esoteric!! Loved the bit with the Queen and James Bond though :)

  6. Sis,
    I was enjoy the ceremony watched for long times at morning.
    but after that I was tiled all the time.

  7. Our garden has been struggling along too but then with my often bad luck with them it doesn't surprise me. Sorry to hear yours isn't doing well. I've been off and on with these Olympics for some reason. It hasn't drawn me as some have.

  8. We enjoyed watching the opening ceremonies, too. So exciting!

    Sorry to hear about the disappointing tomato and pepper plant yields this year. :(

  9. My potted flowers have been burned by the sun. Sorry about your tomatoes and peppers.

  10. my kids are glued to the!!
    some years I have an abundant harvest some yrs crappy...never understood why?!