Saturday, July 14, 2012

Good Grief!

What drama.  I was in here at the computer this morning when a stray cat came to the all glass storm door where Katie was and challenged her.  There was a full fledged screaming and hurling themselves at the glass going on.  I had to spray Katie to get her away and then I closed the door.

That did not end the confrontation.  Katie continued growling in the entryway at the closed  door and she was at full puff including the ridge down her back and her tail was like a feather duster.  I waited and then luckily I found the Feliway spray that never worked for the Admiral and tried that.  It seems to have helped a lot.

I was able to approach Katie after a bit.  She scurried from window to window scouting for further outrage.  I kept spraying Feliway Calming spray which again, helped.

Meanwhile, I called all the pet stores to see who had a certain brand..Lambert Kay Boundary indoor/outdoor spray to apply outside.  It has to be applied daily but small price to pay.  I got some locally.  I also got some other super potent stuff 30 day stuff that can't be sprayed on many surfaces so I put plastic over the door mats and sprayed those.  I also took advice and bought mothballs.  Those are around the door steps.  I myself just need to be careful about NOT walking thru that stuff even tho I take my shoes off on entering the house, I don't want any traces brought in.  If I know tradespeople are coming I will have to temporarily remove the mats so as to provide entry without carrying in the "stuff".

So much for the Farmer's Market today.  I can't leave while she's in full outrage because she may hurt herself or get beside herself even more without me here to try to diffuse the situation.

I DID go out, yes, to get the sprays and mothballs and hurried right back.  But for awhile, I will stay here.

Good grief.


  1. Poor Miss Katie. I am glad you found something help calm her. xoxo

  2. WEll left a comment at Katies place didn't have any help. Hope you find something.

  3. Saw the post on Katie's blog and commented.

    Never heard of that brand of spray, let us know if it works. Probably not available in Canada. Maybe I should just get mothballs too. Maybe it would keep the noisy kids (not the neighbours' kids, other roaming kids) away from my fence. :-/

  4. Oh, my! Held captive by the outside roaming cat! Miss Katie is definitely stating ownership, I'd say.

    We haven't been to that Farmer's Market in awhile. Sometimes we come on Wednesday afternoon.

    Enjoy your Saturday!

  5. Oh I sure remember such episodes with our cats in the past however ours were mostly outdoor cats so they worked it out usually. I hope this doesn't keep you in too much. It's cooler for us today and I'm sure enjoying that! Have a great day Carole!

  6. Oh noooo, Poor Katie and poor you. That's so miserable. It has happened here too with me especially. I don't know why I get so mad but I do. I hope that cat goes away and stays away from your house.

  7. Sis..has been hard getting about and checking in on the blogs..just a matter of time I guess...
    As a person who has NOT been around cats a whole lot I am sure learning more every day. MeMe has seen other cats but she has not been outside much at all. I fear if she gets out.. it is over as her eyes grow wild just seeing a bird or squirrel. I will tell my Sis about the products you recommend. Hot here again and I fear worse next week. Sure could use some of that rain you have been getting.Take care.

  8. I didn't know you could buy such sprays! Well I never. We forget that cat's are in a way, untameable, though they have become our pets, they never forget their wild instincts. I hop e that she calmed down for you.

  9. I too read about this on Katie's blog...a very unfortunate situation. I hope your combination of repellents works. Are there any TNR groups in the area where you live? Maybe they could catch the stray and ummm, see that he becomes less aggrssive.

  10. Sis,
    I understand about the Katie's with Admiral too, is that thinking yet? Temporally that is so much to thinking about you
    The Katie's is lovely cat thinking for you too.
    I thinking with you more then all the time.
    Sis,Katie,Miyuki,and Victoria.

  11. Poor Katie! I hope she's feeling calmer today.

  12. I feel for Miss Katie, I don't like my space being invaded either. I too can be quite territorial. None the less, here's hoping that the nuisance feline doesn't return... it might end up down a life. :)