Monday, July 2, 2012

Oh Dear!

I didn't stake up my tomato plant.  It's in a cage for support and it's been pruned here and there but it seemed so sturdy that when I glanced out this afternoon I was horrified to see a thick branch had buckled under the weight of the growing tomatoes.  Late with it, I went out to tie them up and hope for the best.  However, I will wager that the broken branch will cause the death of itself and its 7 tomatoes.  All preventable if I had used my head.

Here is a picture I took this morning when it was standing tall and sturdy.  These are Cherokee Purple tomatoes.  Giant I believe it said.  They ARE large.  One had blossom end rot. :-(

I have a fever blister.  Talk about ugly and somewhat is.  Only the second one I ever had.  Maybe trauma to the lip brings it on sometimes as I had a severe paper cut to my lip a week ago last Thursday licking a birthday envelope. Slit quite a cut on the underside of my lip.  Several days later it started swelling and I hadn't any idea why.  I found out another day later when: ta dah...the tell- tale crusty look started forming and the awful "tingle".  By the time I applied Abreva it was too late to prevent it taking its course.  I hate the thing but of all things to happen to a person, this is nothing so I am grateful its not something worse.

Here's the first ripening tomatoes.


  1. Your Tomato's look awesome. Mine are getting real tall also. I have mine staked but it seems I don't have large enough stakes. Will have to look around for some nice big poles the thickness of a broom stick.

  2. Your tomatoes look really good. Mine look pitiful!!
    Pick off the ones that are turning and take them indoors to finish ripening. that will take some of the weight off the branch. If you don't want to keep them till they ripen, just sent them along to me. xoxo

  3. Oh, I'm so sorry about the tomato limb falling.:( It may not be too late for them since you have given support. There may still be enough nutrients getting through to the others. My husband said that some critter had chomped a bit bite from our best looking tomato, but he brought in some others. That blossom rot was a real problem for ours a couple of years ago.:(

    I hope you are staying cool! That's a real challenge these days!

  4. Do you like green fried ones? There's another quick and easy answer. Sorry you are experiencing a cold sore; I'm lucky enough to have never had one, but know others who find them so uncomfortable.

  5. Hi Sis,
    Do you blossom limb as same last years?
    The cold "Woodlyn" Tomato Cherry Bites in all the years.
    I wish I can do as same time today..
    Katie is enjoy eat too??

  6. Those tomatoes look yummy. I'm sorry you had a problem with the one falling over and breaking it's little stem. I do hope it can be saved. There is nothing like a fesh picked, home-grown, red, ripe tomato.

  7. Hi Carole, the tomato's will ripen on the vine so don't throw them away. The rest of the plant will grow on as long as there is still the outer bark or skin on the trunk of the main tomato plant.

  8. Oh sad..the weight and the way the wind blows sometimes sure can cause damage. I went through endless pair of old knee highs tying them up. Hope you will be able to save some of the tomatoes. I sure miss them. Sorry about your boo boo..I have one too but mine came from eating something way too acid. Won't do that again. Take care of Yourself,XXOO

  9. Drat, that's a shame about that tomato plant! We don't have any this year since my son is an avid tomato hater...what can you do? My condolences with that sore...those are so nasty and they seem to add insult to injury. Stay cool Carole, I wish you a marvelous fourth!

  10. Try even put some tape around the break might enable enough nourishment at least get to the tomatoes to ripen. Mine has a good start in the greenhouse but seem to have slowed down. They are still blooming and setting fruit. The garden is way behind, but at least my flowers are blooming everywhere. We have had so much rain the last month. Expecting sun and hot weather coming soon. Hope your lip is better soon. Have a wonderful 4th of July. Hugs Carrie

  11. My sympathies about the cold sore...they are yucky and painful. We try to make sure that branches get gently stuffed back inside the tomato cage before they get too long. All of our heirloom tomato plants are in cages. We stake the cages so they don't blow over when it gets windy. If a branch gets too far outside the cage and gets too big to put inside, we use strips of old socks or twist-tie strips to secure the branch to the cage.