Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Such a Decline...very much so.

Those who have been with me since Live Spaces days know how I feel about this hot button issue for me.  What I term (using the old term from before my days) "Yellow Journalism".

It is rife in two media forms in particular.  Meaning television and newspapers.  Thinking more about it, it is rife in computer "news" too.  It is inescapable no matter where you turn.

What is my meaning here you may ask. For one,  I am referring to the two hour local news casts in some areas, mine for example where they are compelled daily to fill those two hours with whatever mundane, pandering to the lowest common denominator in humanity events (I will never say news) there is to rub into our collective faces.

If the local networks went back to the thirty minute formatting there would be less time for the "directors/producers" to be forced dredge up old and mostly untried theoretical happenings and conjecturing as well as any and all tragedies that have happened over night and during the day to fill those two hours, and more time for reporting the genuine world and local news.  Real news, not so-called "human interest" drivel.

In local news particularly...no matter which city I view it in..no matter what State of the Union I am in, when there is a human or animal tragedy (hoarding for example insofar as animal tragedies are concerned) that has occurred or animal cruelty, there is the intrepid "reporter" thrusting a microphone into the face of an injured or bereaved person who is being exploited by the network for all they're worth...and there is the cameraman twisting his lens for an extreme close-up of tears or other private emotions.  The recording goes on with the camera focused close up to the point you can count the pores on the person's face making sure to ask deeply hurtful, useless and personal questions to force the person to re-live whatever happened, a death of a spouse or child perhaps, and the more tear filled and wavering the victim's voice is, the more likely that is the segment that will be showcased over and over in the local news. These poor people are usually dazed and don't realize they can say no if they wish to. Just SAY what happened and stop re-victimizing whomever it is you are invading with your microphone, camera and invasive insensitive questions.  Then move on!

National "news" does not escape my assessment either.  They have felt compelled to show horror and murder.  If someone is being beaten to death that day somewhere in the world, it will be televised with a gratuitous sentence that it may be "disturbing" to the viewer,  then quickly we have the atrocious happening thrust into our faces if we don't turn away in time.  Tell me please, what use is it to see beatings happening, murders in progress or afterward and accident victims?  Don't tell me people demand that.  So far no, they don't.  But keep this up much longer and we'll have the old Roman Colosseum days back again.  How far off from that are we at this point?

I have the pleasure of reading a local on-line newly developed new site here in my town.  Great local and Statewide coverage. There may be National news on it as well but I have not read each issue thoroughly yet.  I will however as I can learn what is happening without being subjected to the parade of horrors and might-have-beens and sheer conjecture plus atrocities that I have see on TV.  Magazines, so called news mags are just as bad.  The pictures are many times nightmare inducing.

Well, I am entitled to my opinion.
PS I rarely ever watch TV at all, certainly rarely the news.


  1. I can't even comment on what passes for "journalism" today (thinking Canadian news here), it's all too absurd and often disgusting.

    You know what my best advice is? If you want to be happy and at peace within your Self, don't read or watch the news. Or at least step back from it and let it go from time to time.

    The happiest person I know is my stylist, and she doesn't watch or read or listen to the news, ever.

    I'm not suggesting anything that radical, but it's easy to be come angry/upset/sucked in to it all.

    For my own mental health, I step back from it when I need to.

    And you know what?

    If I go a week or two without watching the news, it's still the same stupid stuff when I start watching again. Gee, go figure.

    Frankly, I prefer to listen to jazz or classical! :-)

  2. what ticks me off is how my local news is actually news and they are off the air by 7am. Then this garbage comes on for the next couple hours that is 100 percent movie star gossip and they are also on in the afternoon!
    was going to post about this

  3. Our local paper seems to be completely happy to regurgitate what other papers put up for national and international news and now even charges for the rehash on-line. I remember it being a far better paper back when I was in high school. I think for now I will skip it for the most part thank you very much. I notice when they're not talking about stuff I already know they shamelessly back the current political leadership in our state...it's a frustration to be sure. On a brighter side I sure love that picture there Carole. We embark to a totally new cabin in a little over a week now...my gosh I need the change in scenery!

  4. The local news and network news from our local ABC, CBS, and NBC are only in 1/2 hour format. That is long enough for me because it is all reported ad nausem over and over again. CNN & HLN are just like dogs with a bone when they have a bit of juicy news as if who in the world cares what Brad and Jolie or Tom and Katie are up too. I surely don't.
    Great post twin. xx

  5. I forgot to say that the photo is lovely.

  6. I am somewhat of a news junkie - that is, I do have usually a news channel on throughout the day, but it's only for background noise. Then if something important comes on, my ears perk up. Otherwise, I'm not even hardly aware of what they are talking about. You are so right about their going overboard with people in crisis. That is very disgusting. CNN and FoxNews are horrible, and local news isn't anything great either, but at least we do get local news about what is going on in our city. Journalism has changed so much that I wonder how long it will even be around. Think about it - many newspapers no long exist, viewers really don't pay that much attention to the news, and magazines are also having trouble. I think when the local news or national news puts in fillers to fill out their 1/2 hour, it's quite often something that we already found on the internet, so it really isn't news to us after all.

  7. I also rarely turn on the TV, the news---my 45 minute commute back and forth to work and NPR, an occassional scan through the Smithsonian, The New Yorker or The Week (and only cuz we get them at work and they're free to look at). I often get overwhelmed with the cruelty of humans, especially when it comes to animals and have to help one at a time and feel ok about that. When I lay down at night with my cats, I am happy...

  8. Here is some advice from John Prine. The relevance of the song to the post will only become apparent when he gets to the verse.


    1. Edgar..trust me..I may as well! I listen to it so little. That was fun.

  9. I think the old paradigms are being displaced. A new model will eventually emerge but not necessarily a better one.

  10. Hi Sis!,
    Casts in some area I win never say news...
    More time for reporting the genvine world and local news.
    There is the intrepid "reporter" thrusting be the network for all they're of tears or other private emotions.

    So for no they don't, the old roman colossem days back again how far off from that, are we at this point after all that your how ever sheer conjecture plus atrocities see on TV. just under stand for me....
    I love Maukie the virtual cat too.
    You are can talk bad "Not happy" ??
    Love you!!
    Sis,Katie,Miyuki,and Victoria.

  11. I rarely watch news either. When I have tv on, usually I set for sitcom. I don't enjoy seeing reports focusing on grieving and shocking scenes etc by ignoring feeling of affected people. I think it's better to stay away this kind of news program to keep out mental health.

  12. I have to agree with you; as a psychotherapist, I have actually advised some of my clients to reduce how much news they watch or change the format; ie, from TV to print media, or daily newspaper to weekly newsmagazine. Sometimes the way the news is reported couldn't be better designed than to cause traume in their viewers. Ick!

  13. Oh I so agree with you. Our local news has 2 1/2 hours starting a 4:30 a.m., then starts again a 4p.m. with a half hour for national and another hour for local. One of the aggravating things is they will throw you a tidbit about some story and then tell you the full story will be at 10 that night. It's enough to drive a girl to drink. LOL

  14. Hi Sis,
    I never any problem "why worry" I said going to see the doctor tomorrow I will be okay that again doctor with big smile!!
    You don't know about what your though...
    Have a good time.
    Sis,KATIE,Miyuki,and Victoria.

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  16. In agreement completely. I mostly watch sitcoms to avoid the atrocities. Ditto to Beth along with a lot of others I don't care for seeing on TV.

  17. I've turned off the news/TV lately because I started feeling all melodramatic: "there's no reason to go on, woe is me". Problem after problem being brought to light with few practical solutions gets really depressing. Metaphorically speaking, I felt like laying across the railroad tracks and giving up. But I do know the cure for a "bad news overdose". I clicked off the news and stopped reading the paper and cranked up the Foo Fighters. If I listen to too much "bad news" I can convince myself that humans are incurably stupid and unable to find positive ways to negotiate their way through time.

    Too many people are doing good things and we don't focus on them for very long. News doesn't focus on what is working in the world. We end up taking good news and deeds for granted.