Saturday, July 7, 2012 hot hot

The heat isn't letting up at all.  We may get a break from it during the coming week.  I sure hope so because it's miserable trying to do anything outside now except early morning.

I picked and almost have finished my second ugly but delicious Cherokee Purple tomato.  I am waiting on others to ripen.  I took Carrie's advice and I have literally taped up the thick stem that broke 3/4th of the way, and tied it  up/supported it with soft tee shirt material strips.  I HOPE it works or as I mentioned I will lose about 8 tomatoes in various stages of developement.

Man, I had a horrible nightmare last night and I guess the cat had enough of me shouting "HELP HELP" which I really was doing.  I heard myself, because she stood on her legs and came down with her "arms" onto my side with all the force her little 9 1/2 pounds could muster and after several of those she woke me up out of the nightmare.  It was a wild animal coming after me in the dream and he had already gained on me and I was fighting for my life.  Katie Isabella to the rescue.

That horrible big- as- Wyoming fever blister is almost gone thank goodness.  Still a line of red there and I am continuing to dose it with Abreva.  Good stuff for OTC.

Went to work out Friday and they hadn't even bothered to turn on the a/c and it was cooler outside than in there.  I asked the attendent if they didn't have a/c and she allowed they did and was I hot?  Well DUH! you big dummy!  YES!

Anyhow, just saying hello and that 70 mph wind and crashing trees and power outages in half the town the night before last  can not ever come back if I were Queen and could declare that to be so.  Thing is, they now term this Dixie Alley with all our tornadoes.  No matter what time of year too.  WINTER! Yes, we had them in the WINTER!  I am thinking there may be something to the climate change after all because it sure has changed.  Warmest winter ever in this region.  Hardly had below freezing temps..just a couple of times and only to the high 20's. My daffodils were BLOOMING January 29th.  That should never ever have happened.

Take Care guys...I took this picture up the street.


  1. Great photo Carole. Hope it cools down for you soon. The forecast says that there will be a heat wave here in Alberta for a week or so. It will be between 30 and 33 Celsius, really hot for us here in Alberta, Canada.

  2. This has been a miserable string of triple digit temps and I am sick of them too.

    Bravo to Miss Katie for waking you from such a horrible nightmare.

    The photo is beautiful!

  3. Well, good for Miss Katie! What a restless night!:(

    Yes, I am ready for something besides triple-digit temperatures and severe storms for this summer!

    I hope your tomato comes along well with that "first-aid" you have given it.

  4. I think Katie is a heroine!! You are having terrible heat and I am just watching the news here showing unprecedented rain in England. Some towns and villages are under several feet of water!!! It is crazy xox

  5. We are simply amazed by the heat. With one set of relatives in St LOuis and one in Knoxville, we just shake our heads.

    Fever blisters - have not tried Abreva, but "we" ask out DENTIST to write a presciption for Denavir. 1.5 grams if you pay for it, 5 g if insurance does. Mom just got a new script from her dentist last week. Nasty things.

    Katie did good waking you from your dream.

  6. Hope you get many tomatoes. So glad yall were kept safe. Sweet katie is on the job caring for mom.

  7. I wish I could get blogger going again.

  8. What a special kitty you have that she can sense when you are in trouble. She's a "keeper" for sure. Love that Sun Flower picture - very sharp. Hope your tomato plant "hangs in there" and produces lots of tomatos.

  9. I'm glad you didn't have a Montana size blister...I would have been offended! LOL! Glad you're back to your blister free condition Carole!

  10. This heat is a bit tiresome, isn't it? It's 1:30pm here and only 95, so maybe it won't hit 100 today.

    Glad Katie woke you up. I have nightmares from time to time. Garry's the one who wakes me, as I think my girls run and hide. :-)

  11. Katie sure does love her Mom, to try to wake up a shouting, probably flailing, human! Glad she was succesful!

    The temperatures here have lowered a bit (officially, to 83, but it feels cooler than that outside), but it seems that all the rain is passing to the south of us.

  12. Sorry you had such a nightmare and glad to hear Katie woke you up. Pets are so smart. What would we ever do without them.
    Hope things cool down for you. It has been in the high 90's here this past week and I think we broke some records for our area. Thank God for A/C'S .

    Great photo of the sunflower Carole. Have a great week.
    ox Dianne :)

  13. Sis,
    Sunflower snaps are beautiful, Katie I am sick of them..
    It seems like Katie's always try to take at over the world for mum.
    help show your friends and dear ones how much you care about them.
    I had a freezing cold in all the days....
    A body is not made to be on the go all the time.
    Sis,Katie,Miyuki,and Victoria.

  14. It's been warm here but not like the rest of the country and though there has been the odd tornado from time to time we fortunately don't get them with any frequency. Then again we have our own set of problems. It's been tough to watch what's been going on in the rest of the country. Stay as cool as you can Carole. Think of the fall...of course then there's the winter...

  15. The heat has been something, hasn't it. Does make one wonder about Global Warming for sure. What a good Katie, saving Mom like that.

  16. Yay for Katie! She must have sensed you were in distress ... so amazing.

    I hope the weather cools off a little for you (it's supposed to be better this week here).