Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fix-'em-Up Tuesday

Well, I had a general handy man over.  I rented a husband in a way.  He pulled the dryer out from the wall (there is no other placement in the house for this dryer) and lined it up properly with the venting hole in the wall.  It needed tweaking which the installer didn't do.  Sigh.  So now everything fits; and he plugged up a hole where the dryer plugged into the outlet  and that itself may be where the mice were coming in last fall and winter and also where that cold breeze was coming from that I could feel on my feet when it was winter time.  I hope to goodness this will stop the mice and Katie capturing them and bringing them to the bed!  That's a jolt, trust me.

Now I have discovered it's damp under the house...sigh...and I contacted someone to come and see about a moisture barrier and to see what to do with the vents if that is needed. $$$.  Glad I closed an account at the credit union a few weeks ago.  It may help cover these unexpected expenses.

Meanwhile still hot..still humid but then, this is still August.

I found a place that can sell me the out of print book I want and there is a sequel to it.  I will buy that too.  There was a movie made from that book as well and that was 1924.  If anyone else wants to look one up, I used Bookfinder.com

I have just finished my lunch  (and logged it) of a sandwich of tuna salad with TWO stalks of celery in it because I love celery so much.  I measured the lite  mayo for the first time ever. I put pickle relish in mine.  Nummy.

Off to read the paper.  With the handy man here and then going to the grocery store I haven't looked at the papers yet and I know someone small will want to be on my lap for snuggle time.  She was mashed up into my back and later my tummy last night.  Keeps you on the edge of the mattress but oh well.  Here she is, all flattened out and her eyes almost closed.

PS I think I may have to delete this account.  A porn site has been here.


  1. In the past I have had problems with dryers, washers and a damp basement. This year and for a few all has been well. You handle it well.. I flipped out. :) and she is so beautiful.
    She has a wonderful Mom and a beautiful life.

  2. What does your last statement mean?

  3. Since you don't have a basement there may be a few places that the mice can enter the house. You will have to check every pipe and wall outlet that comes in through the floor and walls, and fill it with spray foam insulation.

  4. If you close this blog be sure and let us know if you open another.

    It's warm here but nice.

  5. Hi Sis,
    This morning is not too nice weather in here..
    You said about under the home was wet from the rain that is no good Sis.
    Next time you asked to Katie..she my going to have looking for there...
    xoxoxo 7-20 AM
    Sis.Katie.Miyuki.and Victoria.

  6. I've been getting bunches of hits from a porn site. No spam, just lookers, so far harmless.

  7. One thing leads to another with house maintenance!

  8. It's not much fun to have washer and dryer issues and the the damp...ugh, you've had it all lately haven't you? Love the pic of Katie there btw! I've not had any trouble with porn on my site then again it's pretty quiet there anyway. I hope you find a viable solution.

  9. Most, if not all, of the spam/porn stuff goes into the junk folder automatically on my blog! I just delete them all about once a week! I guess we should expect it:(

    Mice can get in the tiniest spaces, so hope rent-a-husband managed to plug them ok!

  10. Glad you got the washer/dryer situation resolved. I had porn come up as an ad on my phone, at the top where the ads appear. I'm so glad it disappeared and hoping it never comes back.
    Katie sure looks comfy there.