Thursday, August 16, 2012

I think Fall is approaching..

Looks like Fall is not too far away as the Dogwood leaves are starting to edge with crimson and the sun is slanting from a different angle.  I think I recall that the talking heads have stated on several occasion that this was the warmest winter ever in the 48 contiguous States.  Ever. I already have mentioned that my daffodils were up and BLOOMING by January 27th.  That's just not  right.  The TVA, aka Tennessee Valley Authority complained they lost money because the heating season was so short and sparse heating days evenwhen it did chill down some.  They complain when the usage is high..they complain when it's low.  Must be those executives complaining who are getting a few less millions in bonuses at our expense-- meaning rate changes.

Thanks for the comments on the last post.  I like messing with the pictures.  You can't see how ancient I am when I do those layering things.  Smart woman.

I am going to try a new recipe tomorrow when the oldest comes to see me.  It's called Spanish Chicken and it's one of the McCormick spices recipes.  I hope it's good. I'll let you know and tell you so you can try it too.  It wants 1 1/2 lbs chicken breasts, spices, diced tomatoes, onion, julienned red bell pepper among other things.  Oh-- and chicken broth.  I bought the red pepper and broth after working out yesterday so I'm ready.  One browns the chicken first, removes it from the pan and then sautes the onion and red bell pepper, adds the spices, a little flour, the tomatoes, whatever and simmer for a while. There's a bit more to it..I'm just relying on memory too early in the morning.  :-)

Nellie, I have more or less maintained that new-to-me length of hair.  It's shoulder length in front but a bit longer in the back.  I can make a creditable low pony tail.  :-)

I need to get ready, grab the camera and head out.  I wish I could find swans like Dianne does where she lives.  She has the most beautiful pictures of the swan families..babies and parents that I have ever seen.

This is a Magnolia Grandiflora.  HUGE tree and plate sized blossoms many times when they open fully.  I took this up the street.

Time to get cracking and get ready for the day.  I have been in here at the computer helping Katie read her bloggie and making comments.  I need to wash my face and assume my disguise.  XXOO


  1. That magnolia is really gorgeous.

  2. The magnolia is beautiful and so are you, even without assuming your disguise. xx

  3. Hi Carole, those Magnolia trees sure are beautiful when they bloom. We have one here in our Mattart's Conservatory. Beautiful photo.

  4. Hi Sis,
    I'm very happy to thinking about you the magnolia is beautiful.
    This morning I need going to the dentist for my teeth.
    I will be back to you this after noon.
    Sis,Katir,Miyuki,and Victoria.

  5. Do you really think fall is soon to be here? I am certainly ready for cooler temperatures; I'm just not so sure that will happen early enough to suit me.:)

    You have the cutest little Widget! I guess that's what I should call that cute little cat that keeps blinking his eyes at me!:)

    Enjoy your cooking and your visit from oldest son!

  6. I agree about fall. Today we were coming home from Louisville and I noticed the leaves of some trees have 'that look'. And the sun is definitely different...tell by which blinds I have to close in the living room of a morning. :)

    Enjoy cooking for your son.

  7. Love the magnolia. I'm beginning to think fall is creeping in too. Sitting out at the picnic table and the leaves from the walnut tree are falling on our heads and are yellow.

  8. I think you're right about fall...we've got about thirty degrees of difference between the day and night temps...that's not something I in the evenings is nice but the other day it got down to 49! Great picture by the way! I never get tired of shots like that!

  9. Fall … or autumn as we Brits call it?? We haven’t even had summer yet!! It’s bizarre for sure!

  10. It is also irritating to me to hear newscasters and political pundits acting like records have been accurately kept since the dawn of time instead of just over the last 150 years or so.

  11. After the hots we've had, I'm ready for the Fall weather.

  12. oh, I absolutely love the Magnolia flowers, great photo.