Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Times a while....Adventures of Robin Tortie

Here is the youngest son with Robin, an extraordinary lady cat who helped me rear all three sons.  She lasted just a couple months shy of sixteen years so she was the biggest part of their training and rearing.  They all grew up to be excellent cat servants.

You can see the sheets and cloths spread around on the furniture absorbing our beautiful tiny 6 pound Mighty Tortie Girl's beautiful furs.  That was my son's first laptop I think...and everything you see is long gone including that hideous carpet.

Robin was one of our most beloved of cats ever.  Oh, since she flew away I have deeply loved two more girls..Admiral aka Miss Catt aka Hester, and Kathryn Isabella who is presently with me here at home.  But the boys loved Robin like no other.  She deserved it with all the hard work she put in with them as well as nursing each one as he became sick with childhood illnesses.  She even got sick once with one of their illnesses while tending to them.  That was when she nursed the middle son back to health.  Poor girl fell ill for awhile.

She brought LOTS..and I mean LOTS of dead and still alive prey in for us both night and day as she was an indoor outdoor (in at night) girl.  Mice of course, snakes,  moles, lizards, frogs, rabbits, chipmunks, squirrels, birds, insects and assorted other prey.  And yes, we praised her despite her letting loose of still lively mice in the house --where we never were able to get them out except they died in a closet.  Oh, the reek!

She used to go to the cabinet where she knew her paper plates were and paw it open and knock down her plates when she wanted to eat.  Then,  and I invite lightening to strike me right now if it isn't true..she went to the cabinet where her Fancy Feast was and pawed down a can with an awful clatter on the counter. Can't ignore THAT.

When she was first diagnosed with kidney disease at 14 years of age, the Vet gave us sample bags of KD food.  She hated it with a passion.  Here is how we knew aside from her refusing to eat it..she took a sample bag, carried it to her litter box and buried it.  No kidding.  I came home from work and went to feed her from the bag I'd left on the counter..it was gone.  I had to feed her something else.  When I cleaned her box, there was the pouch of KD food.  I called the Vet from work the next morning and he and the Staff just roared.  Robin was a smart girl.  A cat among cats.  I have many more stories but I know you're way past bored with this one.


  1. we never get bored with cat stories....she sounds like a special girl :)

  2. Not bored at all! She sounds like she was a true tortie character!! xox

  3. LOL!! Tortie's are SO smart!!
    I named my Robin after your cat and the doll from Dare Wright's book "take me home"

  4. Ohhh what a sweet memories of your sweet Robin! She sure sounds very special... What an amazing girl to nurse your sons and even risking herself getting sick. She sounds great hunter! I had a girl kitty who was a great hunter, too :-) The story of her burying KD food in kitty litter made me smile big. What a funny girl and oh just so sweet. I'd love to see her stories more! That can never bore me! And I love the photo - so sweet!!

  5. Beautiful memories in this post. Very nice picture of your son and Robin. xx

  6. What lovely memories of Robin! She sure was a smart girl. That story of her burying the KD was just too funny! I would love to hear more stories about Robin. :)

  7. This evokes some bitter/sweet memories of our cats in years past. Callie was the first I remember...such a sweet girl then the last cat we had named Figaro...I still smile at that name. Figaro was the sweetest cat ever and still the pain of losing him stings. Since we've had no animals...somehow it's like a grief we never got over...strange how that can be.