Monday, August 27, 2012

When Will it Moderate?

Hot hot hot.  Humid too.  I sure hope we get some sort of winter and fall this year as last winter as I already have mentioned was the warmest in the 48 contiguous States ever.  EVER.

I haven't been out quite as much---well, half as much to tell the truth, as I always was to take photos as it is just so grindingly beastly hot and humid.  Now it's too late for many of the things I was looking forward to. It will have to be landscapes pretty much from now on I suppose.

I have started logging food again.  It always does a pretty good job in assisting me to know what and how much I am eating.  That's just another way to say that logging causes me to be accountable and so it keeps me from mindlessly eating.  Darn good thing I work out every other day.

Looking for an old old book I had since I was a kid and it was old old THEN for pity sakes.  I remember the title (I think it was written in the 20's) but not the author.  I want to see if I can buy it in some out of print books in-line place.  It was fascinating and like a glance through a time tunnel as to what life was like for a beautiful young girl during those times. What families and men in general were like, attitudes and social mores.  I have it somewhere but it's ragged and missing some pages.  So, looking for another.

Hope everyone is alright.  I went through some of the dashboard to see who had blogged.  Many times it's Katie Isabella who comes to your blogs and sometimes I go to HER furriends.  It's a question of not logging out.  Drat having so many accounts and passwords.

I'm having a problem with FB ever since it upgraded me.  Comments I make don't show up until won't take till later maybe.  Anyone else with that problem?


  1. It was hot and muggy here today after the rain yesterday. This is the hottest, driest summer that I can remember, although 1988 came pretty close.

    I rarely do any personal posts on FB or pictures. I did notice that I have a bunch of pictures in my pictures on FBthat don't belong to me. I guess I don't care enough to try and figure out how to get rid of them.

    The book sounds very interesting. I hope you locate it. xx

  2. I hope you find the book you want. I don't do FB since I was hacked.I have other accounts there, but it holds no appeal to me.
    It was miserably humid today when I took Kassey to the Vet. I hope we have some cold weather this year.

  3. The humidity here has been out of control all summer !! I hear ya about FB, lately it takes hours for anything to update, now that i can get into my blog, i am going to try to keep it up to date ,wish me luck on that !!

  4. Well, it's moderate here, 24C right now. Our nights are getting a little cooler every day. Looks like we may have a nice Indian Summer, will have to wait and see. You may notice a difference after the Hurricane hits land. I deleted my FB account a few years ago. I have no use for it.

  5. It was very mild last winter. I wonder how it will be this year.
    I hope you can find the book you are looking for. Good book is always good even when we get older :-)
    And I hope FB issue will be resolved. Upgrades sometimes cause problems...

  6. I escape the FB problems by not being a participant.:)

    I am not a hot weather person. When we went to a local golf tournament on Sunday afternoon, my husband was quick to tell me that my face was red, red, red! I drank 16 ounces of water in less than two hours, so I wasn't dehydrated.

    Things are turning orange in this town! And - I don't mean the leaves!:) Are you able to watch the game on ESPNU? We aren't.:(

    I have found books on, I believe that's the address. I'll have to doublecheck it.

    Have a good Tuesday!

  7. So far I've had little trouble with FB. Every once in a while it will take time for things to show up but usually rights itself quickly.

    Sure hope you find that book, I know what you mean. I read one once about the fire in Peshtigo WI about sisters and have tried to find it with no luck.

    I actually like this weather. I know, others think I'm nuts too.

  8. We hit 100 degrees again but humidity...what's that? We were actually at 18% about dry! Another red flag warning today too...that seems the pattern. I generally have been reading books via the Kindle. Easy to get spoiled with that...cheaper and it doesn't take up space in the house. I know what you mean about feels like they've made their money and want to rest on their laurels without really improving things...I still wish someone would come out with something better and throw them off their high horse. I only have two accounts and there...makes life a lot simpler.

  9. Did you check ebay?
    I joined Facebook but have only looked at it once in several years. It really doesn't interest me. I just don't have the time.
    I know what you mean concerning food consumption. I do have to watch myself.

  10. What was the book, Carole? Intrigued! Facebook since timeline often doesn’t show comments you make on your own newsfeed, though they show on other people’s! It’s a minefield to use now! :( xx

  11. RE: FB I use Chrome almost all the time now and so maybe that helps the FB thing work better, I seemed to have more troubles there with Explorer. :-)