Thursday, September 6, 2012


Went to work out this morning.  Have to go again tomorrow if I want three ties a week this week.  Going to the lunch yesterday with my colleagues kept me from going yesterday.  I didn't have sufficient time to cool down really after working out before we met.  We do so early.  And where I work out is too warm.  It's 75 degrees in there and somewhat humid as the a/c what there is of it, doesn't run sufficiently long or well enough to evaporate the humidity fully.  I am not the only one uncomfortable.  I detest my scalp getting sweaty.  It stops you from going anywhere afterward really.  You have to come home and get re-done as it were.  (no showers at that place and who's got time anyway to take one and get all fixed up for other things.  I'd rather come home.

  But there is no excuse for it to be so warm in there for people who are working out.  Cheapness.  The owner doesn't want to pay more in the power bill so they sacrifice our comfort instead.  Their hours are bad too.  Closed 3 hrs. of a 12 hr. day, 5 days a week.  Why not just close?  They aren't open on weekends either.

Why do I keep going?  Insurance pays for it.  But I may just pay myself somewhere else if this doesn't improve.

OK.  This turned into a mini rant and sorry about that.

It is a beautiful day so far after rivers of rain for parts of each day.  So far, sunny and not too humid.  Supposed to get into the mid to high 50's for the weekend at NIGHT.  That will be nice!  70-80 in the daytime.

Just chased an ambulance for the first time.  Well, sort of.  They chugged up my hill with sirens screaming; that would be the ambulance, the firetruck and the fire marshall.  By the time I botherd to head up the street too (looking for late flowers..not really ambulance chasing..I was kidding) they were all done and headed back.

I saw another recipe for home made vanilla pudding and it uses vanilla beans so I need to pay the million dollars and get me some.  YUMMY!

I took this guys picture at Norris Dam.

Bye for now.


  1. Mario's mom here - That is a gorgeous picture. It's full of texture and colors in addition to being an interesting spider. Good job.

  2. The pudding sounds good!!

    I like the pic from the Dam! xx

  3. Have to rant once in a while, keeps the blood pressure down. Besides, your right. Nice picture but not one for spiders. It's all the beauty I like. :-)

  4. I sure like vanilla pudding especially with bananas. Pretty, colorful photo, but the varmint is

  5. You are a better woman than I, Carole! I am not one who enjoys doing anything to the point of perspiration!:)

    I'm hoping for some cooler temperatures myself! Are they really on the way?!?

  6. Your work out place doesn't sound very nice....I hope they make improvements for their customers. Vanilla pudding sounds good. I love vanilla bean ice cream but haven't tried pudding yet. You take such beautiful pictures. When captured by your camera, even the big spider looks pretty :-)

  7. Heat during a workout is never a good thing, I don't blame you for wanting to go elsewhere. Love that pic, there's been some large wolf spiders in the field where I frequently take pictures, maybe I should give them a closer look.

  8. Lots of diversity of topics. Excercising, spiders and pudding. Oh my!
    Carole, love the picture! I would like to take a similar one.
    I need to start excercizing again. The leg is better and I have no excuses. Lots of walking next week.