Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hm...going into Fall

I can tell by the slant of the sun's rays...even in the morning (I think we all can) and especially in the evening just before twilight that summer is winding down and even if it is again one of the hottest winters on record as was the last winter, we still have a winter look from the sun.

Frankly I am looking forward to some COLD if we can get it.  No more blooming flowers in January please please please.  That was too bizarre.

This regions power provider TVA--- aka Tennessee Valley Authority  whines every year that when it's cold, we use too much power heating our homes.  When it's hot, we use too much power cooling our homes.  They even threatened us by saying (I am sure they will, too) they will charge more for power all day up until late afternoon or something to that effect.  ANYWAY, it was so warm all winter long that now they whine that we didn't use enough power and they lost money!  Oh please.  Give your corporate bonuses of tens of millions per executive and whine about losing money.  I feel for ya!

Anyway, no telling what will happen this year.  Some got acres of snow dumped on them where they never had..others like us got a light dusting a couple of times, tops.  Temps here dropped to freezing a few times..mostly stayed above.  We are supposed to have teens as does everyone else in zones with winter weather as a norm.  But soon, the days will grow noticeably shorter with each day.  It's already starting of course.

My WP bloggie has my treatise on our University football game last night.  Yep.  Friday night and no TV exposure because we were so horribly inept these past three years that if football had a cellar, we ARE in it.  But, we won last night.  We need wins against fellow SEC teams. Hopefully maybe this year we can limp to something not so depressing and horrible as the past three years.

Peace.  p.s. This is my son's home in the background..not mine and that's his Smokey, U.T's mascot.


  1. We had a hot summer but didn't use the AC even once...the low humidity usually allows for that but the winters...ugh, there will not ever be a summer hot enough to make me eager for that. Last year was a breeze compared to the brutal winters before that which left us will lots of snow and day after day below zero temperatures...yuck, yuck, yuck.

  2. Yes..very hot here yesterday over 90 and humid..I expected that from Issac leftovers. Will be glad next week when it is cooler. These nights are terrible for sleeping. Nice Mascot!!XXOO

  3. Yay for the Vols! Let the wins continue!

    Can't believe this is September 1st! The heat is just too much! I keep waiting for a good cold front! Also, some rain would be much appreciated.

    Enjoy your week-end!

  4. I am glad to see the back of this long hot dry summer.
    Hooray for your team...I hope they have a winning season.

  5. Yeah, well, there's "cold" and then there's COLD. Don't think our definitions are quite the same, since we live in significantly different climates.

    That's why I'm looking forward to cool temps here. Feel free to take our "cold." :-D

  6. Hi Sis,
    We having a still cold rain on the Wednesday...
    I am not happy with all the time.
    Katie are all time with you that is very lovely with you.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Sis,Katie.Miyuki and Victoria.

  7. You can never make them happy ! Last winter was very mild and i will admit, i am looking forward to just a few days of snow this year !!! Love the Mascot at your sons home !!!