Monday, September 24, 2012

It's Monday Alright

Trying to help my oldest out and all ready to do so but he has not let me know a time to arrive so as to start helping.  I had some things I had to do for myself and was waiting till I could help him. I did all I could.  Maybe another time.

Got back from my trip yesterday evening.  Enjoyed it thoroughly.  So glad I got to go.  That son has camellias in his yard so I took a few pictures.  I didn't take any more than that.  We were too busy to take a walking tour as we sometimes do for picture opportunities. The weather there was matchless.  Totally blue and dry with few clouds.  Lots of breeze (my poor hair) and it never rose about 80 I don't think.

My birthday isn't until tomorrow, but while I was in Charlotte we celebrated it early.  One thing was my birthday supper.  That was a pizza as it turns out.  We decided to share a medium one.  It had five toppings. Yummy.

I also got one of those spinner type of lawn ornaments.  It's supposed to fan out and catch the wind making what seems to be an animated scene as it does so.  In this case, it's a hummingbird.  Speaking of while I have a girl or two hummingbirds still here where the majority have gone on their flight home.  I sometimes keep a female until October around the second week.

I got beautiful cards from friends.  I have them fanned out on the counter.  What a pleasure to have and to see.

Just checking in.  I've been exceeding busy it seems since I set foot in the door,

How YOU?


  1. Sure looks yummy. I would have loved to send you a card but since I don't know where to send it, you will just have to settle for ♪HAPPY BIRTHDAY♪ from me to you. :-)

  2. Happy Birthday Carole. Hope you have a great Birthday tomorrow.

  3. Carole, I'll wish you a very, very happy birthday now, in case work gets too crazy tomorrow and I don't get a chance. :-)

    Here's to many more wonderful birthdays to come!

  4. I just read a blog about meatloaf. Now pizza! Two of my favs!. Who knew reading could be fattening?
    A very Happy Birthday Carole!

  5. Sending wishes for a very happy birthday tomorrow, Carole!

  6. Not quite sure exactly when your birthday is, but I hope you have a wonderful day, Carole xx

  7. Thank all of you for the birthday wishes. xxoo

  8. Happy Birthday to my cyber Sis.. hoping all your days will be happy! :-)

  9. I always like having an early or even late birthday feels like an extension somehow! Happy birthday my friend!

  10. Pizza is good anytime, especially for birthdays.
    Happy Birthday.

  11. Happy Birthday for my dear Sis!
    Have a good time with Katie.
    Sis.Miyuki.and Victoria.
    Love you!

  12. Hopefully your birthday is filled with dionysian splendor.

  13. Happy Birthday, Mom. Some Anniversary of 29, I am sure. LOL!

    I award you a whole container of Breyers Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream! Do with it as you wish.


  14. I am glad you had a nice birthday Twin. I did too but I don't like to think about how old I am getting.
    The pizza looks delicious! xoxox

  15. Hi Carole,

    We sure are glad you had a nice trip, and hope you had a nice birthday. :)


  16. Happy Belated Birthday Carole.
    Hope you had a most perfect day.
    Hugs, Dianne :)