Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Over the Mountains and thru Da Woods

I am headed over the mountains Friday and leaving the boss in the care of a sitter.

My birthday is the same day as Beth Marie's so it's Tuesday (I think) next week.  The son I am celebrating my birthday with is a teacher, and his time is very limited during the school year's evenings so I will have an early birthday with him.

Believe me, as a rotating shift worker, there have been plenty of birthdays of theirs and mine including major holidays that had to be put off sometimes for as many as four days.  It's part of the working life.

I am putting a picture you all don't want to see but a kitty friend of Katie's requested seeing my Winnie the Pooh tote bag.  The kitties on her own blog, Katie's, prefer pics of her, not tote bags so I moved the picture over here.  But Katie knows just as Admiral did that when the red leather back pack comes out (you can see it behind the tote bag) and the tote bag comes out, she knows I will be gone.

It is still raining.  I think we are supposed to have 4 inches or so these two days.  Hopefully it will be clear for my trip.

Here's the tote bag.  :-))) and it's wallet.


  1. That's good traveling size too, like the color. I knew that your's and Beth's were the same day, didn't recall the day.

  2. We sometimes celebrate birthdays at different times too but it's the company and that thoughts that count! Have a safe trip and a wonderful time Carole!

  3. Happy Birthday a bit early. Have fun with your son.

    I love the bags. I don't suppose anyone sales similar ones online.

  4. I told Miss Katie yesterday to be sure to let you know that I send along happy birthday wishes, just a bit early. I hope you will have a rain-free trip across the mountain and a good visit with your son! Birthday hugs! Nellie

  5. Those are fun travel bags. Cheery red.

    We have always celebrated birthdays on "the day" in my family, but a number of years ago, it came to my attention that in my sister's family, they always celebrated each person'd birthday on the closest Sunday to the day. My sister had time to do a big Sunday mid day dinner, and there was time for the various family members to be there, and to relax and enjoy each other. I kind of kicked myself retroactively because I though if I had only done that with my childrens' birthdays when they were small, my husband could have been at their kids' parties. Duh!

  6. Have fun on your trip, it's always nice to be with family on your birthday. Will wish you a happy birthday next week.

  7. I love Winnie the Pooh!! You have such taste lol. Have a great time and happy birthday xox

  8. Thank You!
    It's Winnie the Pooh and Tigger too!
    Love it! Enjoy your trip!

  9. Just dropping in to catch up a bit. When I have so many to read at I often go to google Reader to get caught up as I do't have to load every single web page each time. Anyway I can't believe how thick and beautiful your hair is. Mine has gotten so thin over the years there is hardly anything left. Regarding you porn comments. I am now getting up to 10 spams day on one particular blog I did on my book I created at Blurb. Yes they are all getting pulled before but am tired of all the notices in my mailbox. I am about ready to delete the blog. I hope you got things fixed at facebook. I haven't had any problems there. Not there often but when I do seems ok. Well I am off for a family trip here in a few days and will be gone over a week. So I will wish you a happy birthday now and have a wonderful trip and all. Hugs Carrie

  10. For your birthday

    Happy Birthday... and many more... ta da

  11. Hi Sis,
    I would like to wish a very Happy birthday and sincerely hope
    that this year will bring many more good news.
    And lots of fun turning your dreams into reality in near future.
    I have always been fortunate to live to behind the wonderful trip with your son and Katie know about the red leather back
    Admiral... you are lovely time with bright in the beautiful moon light Beth Marie's too.
    Gypsy and katie's said happy thinking of you Sis!!
    Love you very much Sis!
    Sis.Katie.Miyuki.and Victoria.

  12. An early Happy Birthday to you. I know about messed up holidays and birthdays, having a fireman for a husband. You do what you can, when you can. Love the bag.

  13. I agree, many things have to be put off in working life. But it's so wonderful of your son to make time for your birthday celebration :-) I hope you have a safe and fun trip!