Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday Stuff

Well, Katie Isabella's human brother is coming home this evening as he has business to attend to in the morning.  We, she and I, have made him grilled chicken and he'll have yellow rice with garden veggies in it as a side.  She is delighted as she hasn't had him for company in several months.  She is ready for her extra petting and scratches and I will be abandoned tonight by her so she can go in there to his room and supervise him!

I went out for hours yesterday scouting landscapes and leaf colors.  I found some beauties but I also found some lovely peaceful river scenes.  I don't have much time today as I wanted to get that chicken done and plan the rest of the meal plus get some work done.

Hoping your week is good, my friends.


  1. I'm hungry now. Seriously. Rumbling tummy. :-)

    Have a wonderful visit with your son!

  2. I will go out tomorrow to take some pictures. We have a glorious tree at the moment but the high wind warning may strip most of the leaves before I even get out there :( Have a good time Carole.

  3. Enjoy having your son with you. I am hoping my son can come home for Thanksgiving.

    The photo is beautiful. It is awesome how many colors can be found on one tree.


  4. Enjoy your company. He will enjoy a home-cooked meal.:)

  5. Sis,
    I thinking about you all the time!
    I love your photo Sis! I new you will have new colors soon..
    I has nice my golfing for yesterday.
    Love you very much Sis!
    Sis.Katie,Miyuki. and Victoria.

  6. Wonderful! Enjoy your son's visit. :) The meal sounds yummy and like the perfect autumn home cooked treat. Gorgeous colors, btw! Have a great rest of the week!

  7. wednesday stuff sounds pretty tasty

  8. Gorgeous. Can't wait to see the other ones you took. You really are getting good at this picture stuff.

  9. Hope Katie is gonna get some of that chick-hen.

  10. Carole this photo is so Beautiful. Love the vivid Autumn colors. So nicely composed.
    Have a wonderful time with your son. Dinner sounds delicious. You are a woman of many talents. :)

  11. Mmm I'd love to have grilled chicken that you and Katie san made! I hope you all have good time. The picture is beautiful. I love this time of year when we can see all these pretty colors :-)

  12. Beautiful tree. Sweet Katie helping to grill for human brother was a nice touch. They have to be right