Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Whatta Bargain!

I went to Penney's looking for a new top.  This is an entire month I have given them a chance and returned despite leaving with nothing all the other times due to horrific LOUD loud prints and sleazy looking fabric.  (cheapie looking knits that have a slight shine to them).  Unflattering sleeves abound besides the horrible LOUD LOUD multi-color prints.  What happened to tops one can wear in a business setting or an affair in which a bit better dress is required.  A solid color or a subtle pattern?  They had them in store 5 months ago!  I got a Worthington white with tiny navy polka dots, form skimming with puffed sleeve back then. I must have gotten the only decent top left because they sure STILL don't have anything since that I would buy.  I would go there for retail therapy at times.  No more.

SO:  I slipped over to Belks and they had a clearance going on.  I bought a beautiful petite length white pure linen lined skirt.  It has pretty detailing near the hem.  Subtle and pretty and feminine.  I also got a pair of stone colored linen pants!  No lining so when I tried them on I could see the leopard print of my undies shining thru.  The fit was superb and finding neutral colored undies is absolutely worth it to have them.  My legs are slender as are my hips and this pair of pants had narrow fit to the knees where it went to a slight but cut.  Perfect fit.  best fit I will ever find and there was just the one pair.  The both items cost me $9.96 believe it or not!!!  I will be headed back to Belks the way I used to go to JCPenney.

Anyway, those two linen items for under ten dollars to me was worth writing about  Ooo la laaa.  And again, the close yet skimming over the legs fit on those pants...I would love to find more like that. I'd be happy to pay full price.   Here's a closer up look at the hem area.  Click to biggafy.

Just checking in.


  1. YAY for bargains!!! Grats on the find. It always feels like I've won a game when things like that fall in your lap.

    As TK would say: "Me follows you now!"

  2. Wonderful bargains, yippee! I have to go to Value Village for prices that good!

  3. I love bargains. I agree with you about the tops this year being so gaudy. I am thinking of Bergners where I think you would have to be blind to buy one of the hideous things.
    Your skirt is very pretty!!


  4. What outstanding bargains! I seldom buy anything unless it is on sale. Stein Mart is where I usually go first, but I agree with you on the tops! I'm not sure just who is buying them. Perhaps someone MUCH younger than I am, though our daughters don't seem taken by current styles, either.

  5. Good morning Sis!
    I thinking about you what is good idea.
    The solid color or subtle pattern you will buy (No More)...
    you would buy for retail therapy pair of stone colored linen pants.
    I love to see you just like to buy your ways Sis!
    Love you Sis!
    Sis.Katie.Miyuki.and Vicutiria.

  6. That was a good buy for sure. I love the hem on the white. It has a very classy finish to it. Finding decent clothes these days is a real challenge. I don't know who they are designing things for either - not me!

  7. What a pretty skirt. Nice bargain. I would go back too. Haven't been impressed with Penney's in a long time, though that long dress Nicole took back (it made her look so slim) was from Penney's. The only good one in the store.

    Can you believe that Bristol and Kristy are still on DWTS? I may quit watching if one more champion goes down while those 2 remain.

  8. There is nothing like the feeling of finding something you like and or need for a bargain.. Noooothing.. it is just so nice you could find something you can use and looks so nice. Good for you Sis.. :-)

  9. I love a bargain too, tho I seldom shop much anymore for clothing as it's disgusting to see the styles now.

  10. There used to be a massive antique store here called Granny's Attic...it went out of business but still my wife finds ways on occasion to get some amazing things...me? Nope, not a shopper for things new or old unless I need to.

  11. What??!!!!!!!!!!! And here I thought you were going to post a pic of your legs and hips.
    None the less, nice skirt. Sounds like you had a fun filled day looking for bargains and you certainly did not leave empty handed.