Sunday, November 11, 2012

Car and Things

Took the car in for its oil change and for the mechanic to hop into the car with me for a short ride.  It was a softer hum but the hum was there.  He couldn't hear it. Go figure.  They had it up on the rack for a minute for an inspection and I still have oil leaking onto a spark plug so $$$ to fix that before it gets any worse.  It needs an alignment though.  That doesn't surprise me as I could tell it wanted to pull slightly to the right.

Not many in the family are happy campers right now but that's the way life is.  My youngest is however as he and his fiance are looking forward to a late Spring early Summer wedding.  That's a good and happy thing.  I will be the best mother- in- law she could ever have.

Tomorrow will be a busy day as I have to get the car in for its work and they'll bring me back home as 3 hrs. are more than I want to hang out there.

I hate working out in the afternoon but I guess I may as well get used to the idea as that's when I will have time to do so.

See you over at your place.

Get ready.  This is 2010's coming again .  (across the street from me.)


  1. EEK!! On the snow and the costly car repair. I have put out the bucks on my car this past 2 years.
    I really am not ready for snow. It usually turns to ice and that is bad.
    Congrats on the upcoming wedding!! xoxo

  2. bells are chiming
    plugs are oily
    mechanic doctor
    gettin monies
    have a good week

  3. Carole, Congrats on the upcoming wedding. That is so exciting.
    Love the picture of the snow. It looks so pretty in the picture. No snow here yet but it wont be long.
    Hope it doesn't cost too much to get your car fixed.
    Thanks for stopping by today. Have a good week. Well I got the yawnies and better go get some shuteye as it is back to work early tomorrow.
    ox Dianne :)

  4. Hi Sis!
    Your son will Summer wedding you are exciting yourself some time for all your friends.
    The beautiful picture of the snow I hope you will having very soon..
    I'm sorry you has oil leaking onto a spark plug to fixed.
    We has few problem but only need to be fixed up sis!
    Have a good day!
    Sis,Katie,Miyuki,and Victoria,

  5. Congrats on soon getting a new D-I-L. That snow pic is so pretty. I hope your car woes won't be too pricey.

  6. Cars can be such a trial. Hope they keep the cost as low as possible. Hold off on that snow. Say until Dec. 24. LOL! Congratulations on the upcoming wedding. I believe you will be the best m-i-l.

  7. It's still plenty snowy here at the moment but it shouldn't last with temperatures in the forties this week...I won't miss the white stuff. Sorry about the car gosh I've been there long after people stopped asking me how it went...ugh.

  8. Congratulations on the wedding next year! It's so exciting! I look forward to see photos.
    I am getting ready for cold winter, but hoping autumn stays as long as possible!

  9. I hope the car repair doesn't involve too many $$$.

    Congrats on the upcoming wedding.

    Do you really think we will have some snow this winter? It has been such a long time around here.

    I know you are hearing the news about that football team! No "official" words, though.

    Check your email.:)

  10. No doubt in my mind that you'll be a terrific mom-in-law. I love wedding's! I don't blame you. I wouldn't want to hang out at a garage for 3 hours either. I for one am not looking forward to the cold and snow and am hoping for another mild winter like last year. Hey, a girl can dream can't she lol. Have a great night gf!

  11. good luck with the car repairs. it always seems that one small thing leads to something else which is even more money. I have an AMAZING mechanic. Last time my vehicle was in for an oil change I asked about a tune up. He did some checking while he had the truck and told me it does not need a tune up - and all I paid for was the oil change.