Monday, January 14, 2013

A Mom's Blessing

Today is my second son's birthday.  What a joy he was when he arrived and what a joy he still is, as are all of my sons.  But today I speak of this one, Bruce, who makes me proud and brings honor to his name.

You likely know what I am going to say next as I always say much the same when they have a birthday---that being that all of my sons are truly God's greatest gift to me.  Above anything else I have ever received, these three sons are the most supreme gift I could have.  One longed for and appreciated and which gives me great joy every day of my life.

Happy Birthday dear son.  I am so grateful for you.


  1. Happy birthday to Bruce! I hope he has a fabulous birthday. And I hope he appreciates YOU, Carole, as a mother and as a human being, separate from your role in his life. :-)

  2. Happy Birthday Bruce!! I hope you All have a Fabulous day :)) and know how All you boys are the apple of your mom's eye ;)

  3. Happy Birthday to Bruce..hope he had a wonderful day.. Hugs to his wonderful MOM.. :-)

  4. Wishing Bruce a very happy birthday. And a happy day for you as well.

  5. Happy Birthday to Bruce.
    Bruce, You have a very special mother!!


  6. And a splendidly Happy Birthday to your Bruce! Love this post. :)

  7. Happy Birthday to Bruch. I'am impressed with all your photography it looks great.
    Very tasteful with lots of natural light.
    Have a good time with your Mum.
    Sis,Katie,Miyuki, and Victoria.

  8. Best of birthday wishes to him Carole, God bless you guys!

  9. You are obviously a very proud Mama. Happy Birthday Bruce!

  10. Happy Birthday Bruce. I know you love your boys deeply and certainly have every reason to be proud of all three. They are wonderful boys.

  11. Sorry I'm a couple of days late, but better late than never;-)
    Happy Birthday, Bruce!

    Shimona (and Trixie the Black Panther)

  12. Happy Happy Birthday to you Bruce. Hope you have a terrific day. Take good care. Big hugs to the Mom.