Friday, January 11, 2013

Good Grief!

What does a fella gotta do to get simple safety pins for pity sakes?  There came an occasion day before yesterday when I needed three of them, didn't have any and so I confidently went to Walgreen's, Wally World and the Dollar Tree looking for safety pins.  No such thing to be found.  Not even in the entire town.  I was dumb enough to look in baby sections of stores for diaper pins.  Am I kidding?  They must not make them since everyone uses the landfill over-flow items, i.e. disposable diapers.  Sigh.

I asked my almost daughter-in-law if she knew where any could be found and she had to scour the Big City!  FINALLY she found some in a hobby place.  Good grief.

Anyway, I'm home and I still have to re-configure the email ports which I dread.  I hope I do it right.

I have lost a lot of weight.  I didn't realise it till I pulled my jeans up again without unsnapping and unzipping.  PJ's are drooping down and almost off too at night.  Just too busy to eat, food has lost its appeal anyway for now but I am going to try to force myself to eat.  I need to eat better in the a.m. too and I will try to make it oatmeal instead of the 2 pieces of toast which I never finish anyway.  :-)

Things are looking up a tad for right now.  I think there is a light at the end of the tunnel.



  1. The Mom had a similar issue with trying to find some elastic. Finally found some at AC Moore. Thinks she saw safety pins at the grocery store (Shop Rite) but not sure. There are utterly NO fabric stores around any more.

    Re the diapers, there are definitely some back to basics Moms who cloth diaper still but they don't pin. They use expensive diaper covers with velcro. Our New Baby's Mom was thinking of doing it till she factored in all the laundry (she was a cloth diapered baby but herDaddy took over the diaper washing).

    Eat up your oatmeal!

  2. (Mario's mom here) Good grief. I can't believe there are no safety pins to be had. They are so very useful for so many things, Love that picture of Katie. Mario is swooning!

  3. Wow, one of the more useful items in the household. I was looking for some the other day. Will have to see if I can find some for myself.

  4. Hope you don't loose to much weight. It's not good to be too shinny either. I would imagine this is because your son is/was in hospital. Take care of yourself no one else will.

  5. No safety pins? I'm sure I've seen them at one of our Dollaramas. Certainly a fabric/sewing store would have them.

    Please take 30 of my pounds.

    Joking aside, please take care of yourself, take a stress supplement if you have to, etc.

  6. Wow, I have some from an old sewing kit. Maybe I should sell them on EBay for Big Bucks!

  7. Wow. A hobby store for safety pins. That sure seems odd.. but i suppose they're considered 'old-fashioned'? Go figure. Try to take good care of yourself. I know it's harder when you're busy, but losing lots of weight too quickly isn't good. I know you already know that, and sorry for the little lecture. I just want you to be okay! :)

  8. I think safety pins are in the sewing dept of the store at Sis got some has been awhile back though. I do hope you stay well Sis and YES you can have at least 50 of my lbs if you want them.. hehehe Glad to know things are looking up.. :-) take care

  9. stress definitely drops the weight...
    hope what you eat is healthy <3
    yes, the sewing dept. ((hug))

  10. Light at the end of the tunnel is good! I know there's been a pile of stress on you and have thought of you often. We have four degrees and quite a bit of snow here to keep us entertained...if you want to call it that. No signs of a melt until next week :( Take care my friend, don't waste away!

  11. It feels safety pins are everywhere...but I guess they disappear when you look for them. Glad you finally got them!
    I'm kind of jealous of you as I've been gaining weight. It's been busy at work and I come back late..then eat...right before bedtime! I try to lose some weight and hope you gain some :-)

  12. Dear Sis!
    I was so late I'm sorry Sis! I was so busy thing for me at last weeks(I had made mistake with picture at Michiko's Space.)because I didn't has new picture.
    After that I lost my Michiko's space.

    I'm glad your home sis, Your jeans with loss of weight simply pins safety for I.e disposable.
    I really love you so much take care of you.
    Sis,Katie,Miyuki,and Victoria,

  13. Oh my dear, you know you must eat to keep up your strength. I know eating on the go can mean less of an appetite so maybe try a high-protein nutrition shake and some pieces of fruit to tide you over.

    Also, I completely understand about the whole safety pin issue! I had a tough time finding them, as well. When I did, they were nothing like the heavier-duty ones of yore. They bent and became useless after my first attempt at putting them into the waistband of my old pants. Just don't want to walk around with my pants falling down :-)

  14. I did find some recently at our local Walgreen's, here in Charlotte. They were with the sewing notions on the side of an end-cap. Maybe Bruce can export some to TN for you. (Had I but known, I could even have brought him some last Saturday!) BTW, the brass ones are best, as they do not rust if you toss them in the washer by accident.

  15. Thinking of you..saw the ice storm on tv..Hope you retain power and at least stay warm. Hugs..