Friday, January 25, 2013

Ice Storm..

Another edition of "Good Grief!"

The promised ice storm arrived during the wee hours and so I have been here all day and will remain so unless it gets significantly warmer (which it won't tonight) so I can run off to see my boy in rehab.  I was talking to him on the yelly-o-fone and he understands of course (he has a TV in his room) that the liklihood of being there this evening is distant.  Maybe tomorrow.

I would rather snow..anything than ice.  Hate ice.  It has traveled upward to 33 degrees here where I am.  There is a pocket of colder air right over the valley and so when the rain makes its way from the West toward here, it falls as freezing rain still.  Sigh.

At noon thirty I went out cautiously to get the morning paper which was coated in an ice jacket.  I took the camera in case I did NOT fall and remained upright so as to take a couple of hasty pics.  Here they is:

Wintering Azalea

Japanese Maple


  1. Look pretty, but....

    I have 3 different pairs of ice grippers for the soles of my boots, depending on how bad the ice is, and I find they help immensely.

    Be careful!

  2. Forgive my ignorance, but why would an ice storm happen instead of snow? It does sound pretty unpleasant so please do stay safe.

  3. I, too, much prefer snow over ice! Here we don't register above freezing! Stay safe and warm!

  4. Ack. Your blog is how we keep tabs on the weather the Knoxville relatives are experiencing. Hope you don't get any more and it stays warmer. Snow expected here tonight, part of the same weather system.

  5. I will take snow over ice any time, preferably neither one. :-)
    That is quite an ice coating you have. Pretty to look at but can be deadly! xoxo

  6. Ice coats are pretty, but can cause many problems. We just rain, so glad. I hope you get to visit your Son and hoping he's doing well.

  7. Durn forgot me bourbon.... looks pretty good on the rocks..... but no want to travel in it. Be safe.

  8. Brrrrr! Thanks so much for your sweet comment about Quill. We love him too!

  9. Nice pictures, but not nice ice. Hope it's gone quickly for you and your boy. Anything like that and I hibernate.

  10. Even though you don't like ice, they are very beautiful pictures!! My car was covered in ice when I left I took picture of it. Obviously we don't see ice a lot here... :-)
    I hope your son is doing well. Have a great weekend!

  11. That's some of my least favorite weather however it is beautiful in your photos. I hope the rehab is coming along well for your son, I've had you both on my heart a lot lately. Here's it's been in the fifties...I'm really spoiled now! Sadly it's all done as of tomorrow for a while...guess I should have figured it. Bless you Carole.

  12. Hi Sis!
    You are still consistency keeping up for news paper.
    I stilled on every morning and stat make happy for me.
    Azalea and Maple tree are very pretty but still cold in Japan.
    I hope Nellie's is enjoy every day with you!
    Love you so much with your family!
    Sis katie,Miyuki and Victorea,

  13. I agree. Ice is just frightening all the way around! Snow is prettier.. (for awhile anyway,) and not nearly so dangerous. Life doesn't have to stop. I have to say though, it looks awfully pretty in your pics! Hope the ice is gone, and all is well now!