Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I remember writing about a book called "Still Alice" by Lisa Genova.  I highly recommend it as it is one of the most well written novels about Alzheimer's that has been written in my opinion.  I was telling a nurse friend about it after she had spoken of patients with the disease.  She said that she had read it and she also felt it was likely the best story yet of what it must be like for the victims.  It is written from before the main character, a Harvard professor, ever knew she had early onset Alzheimer's to the last moment. Fascinating and frightening and so gripping I could hardly put it down.  I had it read before a second day was over.

During the conversation with the nurse, I was asked had I read the sequel. I was very happy to know there is one.  It's not a sequel to Alice.  She simply meant that the author wrote another book that is also medically oriented. It is a new story called "Left Neglected" about a terrible affliction in which the left eye does not tell the brain anything and everything to the perception of the victim/patient is truncated down the middle.  You see the right side of anything small or large but not the left and that includes EVERYTHING.  Small medicine bottles or large vistas, your own body.  The journey as to how it happened  and how it drastically affects the victim---far more than you can imagine without foreknowledge is as gripping as is the first novel called "Still Alice".  I had to stop reading half an hour ago as we are expecting two people at staggered times to arrive.  I dislike getting immersed into a book only to have to come back, if you will, to the reality of life when I was deep into someone else's via the written word.

Here is a picture of something I hope to photograph again in a month or so.  This was taken last year by me in the arboretum.


  1. Alzheimer's disease must be one of the cruelest diseases I've ever encountered. My Grandmother passed away from this and the decent from health to what it left her with was probably the most difficult thing I've ever experienced. Yesterday I went out and saw some actual signs of made my heart just soar! Love that picture you have there! Delightful!

  2. This is a terrible disease. I think the book would be a very interesting read.

    I love the photo. Beautiful!!

  3. Yikes - guess I'll have to buy a couple of books. Your photo is very beautiful. You really are good with photography, even if you don't think you are.

  4. It sounds like a riveting book. Thanks for posting this.

  5. They sound like fascinating books. I love reading when it grips especially. Will definitely have to look into them. I'm not thrilled to have to stop when so engrossed in a book either.

  6. I read a book about cancer patients long time ago and it was fascinating and frightening, too.
    I love the picture very much. Feels like spring :-)

  7. Dear Sis!
    I don't think about your leading the still reading the Still Aliea the medecally oriented new story called left and that was most difficallt they in books best time. I just wanted says a wonderful photos with Sis!
    Sometimes clumsily words are simply my feeling Sis!!
    Love you so much Sis! Katie!

  8. Caring for my mom every day with it I find that she is SO brave. Especially because she has no idea she has a disease... she just walks forward every day not knowing where she is or going...she just follows me...

  9. I would read the book, but I am too worn out with the reality. Forgive me. But I understand the value of book that relates. Maybe a few months when I am less related to it daily.

    Love the picture of the bee. Love your blog... ~ Mark