Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Darn Darn Darn

And why must I use commas as though I am being paid to insert them as many times as possible?  I HATE my use of commas. I went through yesterday's blog and took out 7 useless commas.  Now why I don't see those as I make an admittedly cursory glance before hitting publish, I do not know.

My youngest started a kidney stone painful passage two nights ago.  He was hauled off to the ER by his fiancee once she woke to get his text.  They are 16 miles apart so she got there close to 7 and took him in.  They did a CT scan and that was when the stone was discovered. 2 mm so they are allowing it to pass through on its own. He said two days and nights of excruciating pain, some nausea and severe lack of sleep is hard.  BUT unless things have changed the horrid pain at 0530 today may have heralded the last of pain.  He may pave passed it.  I hope so.  The oldest and I went to see him this noon and took him his "sick boy surprise".  I used to give a little car or such to the boys when they were ill as toddlers to the early double digit ages.  I gave him a Hot Wheels car! Bought it before I left for his home.  And a Snickers bar.  :-)

Hope I can control the commas a bit better.  Oh man, I have no idea why I get wild and crazy placing them just any ol' where.


  1. My hopes and thoughts to your son about the kidney stone! It sounds horrible.

    Commas are wonderful. So are colons and semicolons. I love them all. Think of them as added information, pausing points, and especially as differentiations between multiple series. They are great things. Of course, you,don't like,want to ,use them, in the wrong places.
    Hey, here is a challenge I always loved. Punctuate this:
    "Mary where John had had had had had had had had had."

    For what it's worth:

    BTW, "Peanuts once had a great short series with Sally struggling with commas. I wish I could find it to send...

  2. Me hopes..... the stone hath passed on by..... and that it do not return.

    Now please pass the commassssss,,,,,,,, ty.

  3. Been there done that, twice. The first one was the worst. Felt like I was hit in the side one hundred times with a baseball bat. The pain didn't last quite as long as your sons pain but it went on for 24 hrs.

  4. That sounds so painful. Hoping he has some help with the pain. One colleague at work has had this a few times. Drinking plenty of water became a life prescription for him.

    Don't so much notice too many commas in things people write as find it annoying when there aren't the necessary ones!

  5. Ah, dreaded comma. I noticed in a book I was reading that one long descriptive paragraph was full of commas separating various thoughts. Gave me a headache and surprised me after the authors other books.

    Your poor son. Jack had that happen years ago and I never saw anyone in that much pain before. I hope it's over for him.

  6. Being a devotee of the comma, i cannot comment, I am very liberal with my commas, put them in anywhere, at random. I am a commaholic ;)

    Hope the stones have passed through ok xx

  7. My son has had the problem too. I am glad things are looking better for him.

    I like the snickers bar touch. I promise not to use any more commas than I have too.


  8. OH how very painful for him..I do hope things pass okay with no more pain.Sounds like Mom has really been busy lately, You and Katie take care

  9. Truthfully I don't feel in a place to judge your commas...I don't think I'm anywhere near the expert I could be with writing or typing. Sorry to hear about the misery for your son. I remember both a cousin and my Dad going through that...ugh.

  10. I'm certainly no comma expert and probably don't use enough of them. Sometimes I do run-on sentences too. Happy to hear your son't kidney stones may have passed. Hope that is the case for his sake.

  11. Oh no I am so sorry your son got kidney stone. I hope it has passed and he is feeling better.

  12. I too question my use of comma's. "Do I need a comma here?"
    "Do I have too many comma's?" Still I suppose I should worry more about the content of my blog than the punctuation. It was never one of my strong suits.
    ,,,,,,,, Oops! There I go again.

  13. I do this same thing with commas. And i absolutely NEVER use the semicolon correctly. I think i'm just so afraid of writing a run on sentence that i over use the comma. It makes people pause when they're reading.. :)

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  15. Hi Sis!
    I'm sorry to hear remember you are leaving at Hospital with your son's. and Mum given opportunites to help him.
    Katie are soon good to your Mum and has a good time too.
    Sis.Katie.Miyuki.and Victoria.

  16. We're purring and praying for your son to pass those stones. We bet the sick boy gift made him smile. :)