Monday, March 25, 2013

Incredible Shrinking Product + a PS

Guys, here is a good example of what we have read about for some time now.  The manufacturers keeping the same high price but giving a lot less product.

one the left 6 oz. one the right 7 1/2 oz.

I was so shocked when I put the newly purchased one at you may as well say $8.00, in front of last year's leftover.  I thought I had a sample size or something.  Same price, a lot less.  When it first came out, it cost $3.79.  You already know about coffee.  The pound, 16 oz. is now 11oz. Very much higher price.  Yes, I know-world economy etc etc etc all that "they" tell us.  Cereal is another thing.  Have you seen how many ounces less in the box?  And sometimes in the same way over sized box so we won't notice.  The manufacturers call it needed air space.  Yeah, and I have property in south Florida with LOTS of water front, back and sides for ya with plenty of wildlife too to see for you.  I love it when someone sends Consumer Reports a picture or two of a half empty container inside of a big big box.  I guess the manufacturers  think we are all morons.

Just my rant o' the day.  xoxoxoxo

PS  This is the start of our snow today...poor flowers.


  1. I've noticed this will a lot of products I buy too. You pay more (or perhaps the same), but are getting less.

    Actually, the latest batch of ProPlan canned for the boys--I noticed the paté was less dense. All the cans in that particular case, I mean. I'll have to see if the others are the same. Not impressed, either.

  2. A very good rant Twin. It is the same with anything we buy. xoxox

  3. Happy spring to you! Do you have enough snow to make a snowball?

    xo Nellie

  4. I just found out the kitties Orijen large bag is now 6.8kg as opposed to 7kg. There was a price increase in January and with the new packaging (lower weight), there is ANOTHER price increase. I'm going to go broke.

    PS/ Sorry for not visiting the last few days - I fell on my tail bone coming down the stairs so it's rather uncomfortable sitting for long's better now, though not quite 100% yet. :)

  5. I'm grateful that in these parts you rarely see flowers until the threat of snow has mostly past. We wont be seeing flowers until next month probably...and that's a very good thing. We are cheering now for the return of the fifties at long last...sheesh!

  6. Oh Carole, your photos are gorgeous - even if it does show snow. Boy, do I relate to your shrinking packages. Everything we buy has been shrunk in amount in the package. The only way out of this is to not buy anything, but the sad part is that we need some of those products! It';s a rip off~!

  7. Good morning Sis!
    You having a wonderful women's days look Good that I remember with both on of our flowers time Sis!
    Always love your photos.
    I will never regret exercising yet I think about this quote at least one's a week when I am struggling to get out of bed in the morning to go to for run.
    Always choose my life or Do you think so Sis Or Katie san?
    Today we have 31 hot day but you having still cold snow time.
    Love you!

  8. I've seen this happen for years now, not only do they make the product size smaller but they are also increasing the price of the product at the same time.

  9. Oh I am totally with you about this! It's annoying cereal companies try to hide the less amount by using same size box!

  10. Don't get me started on the air in chip bags,lol. DWTS groups looked even better this week, but Hughley still should be the first one off. It's just painful to watch him.

  11. you said it. Toilet paper sheets are smaller even though they say there are the same number of them, granola bars are tiny and floating in the same wrapper- on & on.

  12. That's why I love reading the back page of Consumer Reports magazine...

    You have great hyacinths. Mine bloom so weakly after just 5 years!