Thursday, March 7, 2013


I can't get over how fast a day can come to an end.  I get up early thanks to a furry alarm clock and voila!  It's time to get back in there to bed. The clock runs seemingly, just as though I were watching a cartoon clock when they want to signify a quick passage of time.

 There is never a bored moment around here any longer... not enough minutes in an hour..nor enough hours in a day---and no time to contact friends the way I used to do over the telephone let alone meeting them for breakfast or lunch.  But again, I would not have it any other way.  It is my privilege to serve my family when they need help.  So while I mention things that I am ttemporarily not able to do---I am keenly aware of the blessing and privilege of serving now.  Soon that part will end and then he will be fully back to his own life and I, mine.  And I assure you, I will miss him.  Of course as he is Katie's FAVORITE brother she sees him every few weeks anyway since she has been Queen here, when he is home and working at his job.

Just checking in..pant pant pant. <3


  1. I've surely missed hearing from you Carole. Grace to you in the situation you're in. Love the pic there...what a true lady!

  2. Ahh such a little princess. I am so glad to hear of his progress and that things are going well. Time will go even faster when the clocks are set up. Days longer too. Hope your weekend is a good one sans any bad weather. Take care!

  3. Sending along good wishes for you, Carole. Remember to set that clock ahead an hour on Saturday night. That means we lose another hour.:-)

  4. Miss Katie makes a beautiful princess and you are a beautiful mom. xoxo

  5. Hi Sis!
    I have few thing in TV and Alam Clock and Telephone as will for my home as well for my home of two hours.
    I don't wont do anything with in hot weather and
    also you has cold weather too.
    Only good looking Katie is beautiful one!
    I love to looking for your photos Sis!
    Sis.katie,Miyuki and Victoria

  6. Only so many minutes in a day! And as Calvin and Hobbes taught us, they are best wasted well...

  7. I agree time really flies by. And faster and faster every day. I think Katie san will miss her brother, too, when her nurse duty will be no longer necessary, but it sure is good that he will be fully recovered :-)
    It will be short weekend but hope you have great weekend!

  8. Katie - Mario is sitting over here panting and swooning over your photo! We're happy your brother is getting better, but I know both you and mom will miss him when he has to go home.

  9. We've certainly been missing you, but we are glad you're doing things that are so very important. Hugs to you and Katie! :)