Saturday, March 2, 2013


What in the world happened?  I know!! I must be getting some actual rest!  Now that my son is doing a lot more for himself I can remain where I was more often.  SO:  Today I completely cleaned the bathroom.  Tub, surround, sink, potty, you name it got a thorough cleaning, rinsing and drying, and I changed the shower curtain too for good measure.  THEN I headed out with son to find some railroad tracks to photograph-- and before I left, I put the parts of the stove to soaking in laundry detergent and hot water.  I liberally sprayed the rest of the stove everywhere with 409 and I also took off the knobs so as to get that part of the stove top that is obscured with hardware cleaned thoroughly. When I returned, I started cleaning.  AH.  I have a gleaming stove now.

The tub and surround- while it looked OK to the casual observer had not been deep cleaned for 2 months!  Nor had the stove.  So while both items looked OK if you didn't dwell on looking at them, they desperately needed cleaning.  NOW all is gleaming.   Next, the wooden kitchen cabinets which need polishing.  Lots of upping and downing the step ladder but worth it for the gleaming result when I do it. If I didn't have supper to make for us I would do it now.

Guys, I obviously have some time to myself finally...well, sorta, and a bit more rest.  I enjoyed the cleaning.


  1. Hey Carole, glad to here that your son is doing so well. You mentioned on one of my blogs that you wish you could grow an Amaryllis like the ones I have, well you can. It is actually easy, just get one from the Garden center of even your local Safeway or hardware store that has a garden center. They are usually sold around (before) Christmas time. Since your area is fairly warm in winter, you could probably leave it in your garden all year round. They do well in warmer climates. If you have them for your house indoors, then just water then once a week or even once every week and a half. If you like I could even send you a growing guide. Just email me.

  2. I am so glad your son is doing better.
    You wore me out with your cleaning Twin. I need to find some energy somewhere to do that. xoxo

  3. Glad you were able to have that time. And it's wonderful that your son is doing so much better! Geez, lol. Now i feel a little guilty that my house isn't gleaming... Must spend some time cleaning tomorrow! :) Have a beautiful Sunday

  4. I'm glad your son is so much better and that you now have some time for yourself.
    But - you ENJOYED doing the cleaning?

  5. Dear Sis!
    What is happening with so much all over cleaning your in side home or your son is so much good time. Is that make you too good for you but I just thinking about your body is not hard so much? and not paining today?
    I love so much Sis Brother and Katie!
    Sis.Katie.Miyuki.and Victoria.

  6. So glad your son is doing so much better, Carole! As for the cleaning, we agree ... it's sort of nice to have the time to do it right, isn't it? :)

  7. I'm glad to hear things are coming around at a good clip for you. I think a good turn is certainly in order.