Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Potpourri

Just stuff.  I went out at 1800 hrs. to take some pics and though the light was good, the wind would NOT stop.  I had hoped to catch the daffodils in mid sway but no.

We have had supper and he is reading the paper.  He is working from home presently till he goes back so the computers, his and mine are busy these days.  He uses my iMac but he also uses his PC.  He is the one son who never went down the right path and he persist staying on the Dark Side with PC's.  I hadda use 'em myself a few years back but good to be back to Mac.  But this son as are the other two WITH Macs, is great at both operating systems, Mac and PC.  Well, considering two are programmers, no surprise there.  the other one is a Teacher.

Here is a not flattering picture of my hand (needing a manicure BADLY!!!) holding a just newly banded hummingbird last year.  I adopted her (she is a Rubythroat) for $25.00 and I was given the privelege of holding her in my open palm till she flew away which was immediately.  That is the Bander's hand holding the precious little head and her fingers.  Mine is the stretched out hand. I have a certificate with her sweet picture and her number on her band which is tied statistically to me, so that if she is caught again or is found gone to the Rainbow Bridge they are supposed to tell me.

My hummingbird girl at a Banding post for hummingbirds in N.C.

Here is a photo I took last summer of one at my feeder.  Ruby throat girl.

I cook for them.

Lets see, what else can I show you...let me look...wait here. Keep your motor running...
This is me sweating like a waterfall on a HOT humid HUMID hot day mid summer in Cumberland State Park.


  1. What adorable little birdies!

  2. Yes, we have that wind here, too! While the day looks to be very nice and warm, that wind comes blowing from the frozen tundra!

    I wish I could have been able to swing an iMac when the handed-down one I was using gave up the ghost in January. Instead, I had to opt for a PC - Hewlett Packard, specifically. It is driving me crazy! Granted, I probably didn't have far to go.:-)

    Have a good Wednesday evening!

  3. Your adopted hummingbird is a beauty Twin!!

  4. Object lesson Road?? mol Wish we had humming birds! But then Austin would have them as a snack!!

  5. Hi Sis!
    Your hummingbird are beautiful in N.C. with last summer time.
    I lost ALL MY PICTURES with in My Blog space for long time ago.
    would be nice to come back with me...
    Have a nice day Sis!

  6. It must be a real thrill to hold something so tiny that is living and can FLY away,how very neat. I must say that I have never used a Mac so I cannot compare it to what I have been using all these least they keep us in commmunication with others. Glad your boy is better and able to "fly" away home soon. Know you will miss him terribly. Enjoy's fleeting and then summer will come and snuff it out. Take care :-)

  7. What an amazing opportunity to hold such a tiny creature! I saw a couple humming birds last year but they were the larger variety...sounded like giant bumble bees when they flew by!

  8. I've only seen a humming bird once. That was in California. By the time I got my camera it had zipped away. I never saw one around here. I don't even know if they exist around here. Time for a google search.

  9. We think of you when we think of hummingbirds, here in the realm. If you go to, they have something related you may enjoy seeing. PT and PM.