Friday, April 12, 2013

Dang, I Did it Again

You know, I am amazed at how for years I have put away canned goods and the labels are almost always facing away.  I  have to deliberately turn them toward the front every time.  Happenstance never favors me on that.  They are facing away.  I have paid attention as I start to release my hold and sure enough..faced away or enough away to make it hard to tell what is in the can.  You would think the law of averages would favor me more often than one time out of maybe 75 attempts! Amazing.

Then there is my 5'1" self making my way through doorways and banging my elbow bones into the door handle.  WHY can't I get thru a door without knocking into the handle?  I have done that for YEARS! A child, a teen, young woman and the older one that I am now. My elbows and my sleeves are just exactly at the right height (I am a shrimp) to catch on door handles too.  European lever-type ones especially! It can really tick a person off! I walk a hundred miles an hour so catching myself like that jerks me back like a rubber band!

Then, why oh why can I not hold the house keys sufficiently tightly enough that I can unlock the house door without first dropping the keys?  I seem to always have a handful of grocery bags too.  That makes it even more annoying.

Is it even  possible for me NOT to knock my poor bony widdle knee cap or calf into the corner of the coffee table less that 10 times a year? I think not.

How many more times will I knock my left kneecap into the steering column with it's knobs and accouterments, blackening my flesh yet again and hurting for a week?

How about reaching carefully into the hot oven to get a pan of whatever out...being very very careful only to get an oven burn anyway!  SIGH.

Oh well, you only live once.  May as well be accident prone.


  1. I think dear Twin that it is a Libra thing. I have more height than you but I do all of those things too! xoxo

  2. I do many of those too as I am only five feet one..maybe even ZERO now I am shrinking so.. Well I do know that I lost the dang keys and still haven't found them. It seems to never end. May your weekend and next week be a great one without any mishaps.. :-)

  3. The thing with the cans can be considered a minor annoyance, but not the banging into things! Ouch! Better luck from now on!

  4. Living life to its fullest, Carole!:-) I am taller than you by about three inches, but am still covered in black and blue from bumping into corners! My life's story!

    It's a beautiful Saturday! Go enjoy it!:-)

  5. ha ha - you talking about me again? I do much the same only slightly different things. I should say, I used to be like that. Now that I've slowed down to a SNAILS pace, I no longer do those things. I think it';s from always being in a hurry! At least that was the case with me.

  6. So...Murphy's law is a reality?

  7. Maybe you are preoccupied when you move around! I have to remember not to start walking before my feet do. It can be quite embarrassing! xx

  8. Well, the big problem is that you are rushing around too much trying to do to many things at once. The more you rush the more your going to do the things that annoy you or make you bang into things. I found that out at work, the more the boss tried to make me hurry at work the mistakes were made, even more accidents occurred. So slow down, life is to short to to be always with black and blue spots and painful bruises.

  9. Hi Sis!
    I just wanted to update you on what is happening so you will know why I have been so lacking in communication.
    I'am still your sis and I will finally be able to comment and blog regularly.
    I have not forgotten one dear friendship.

  10. Your mind is way ahead of your body.

  11. The trials and tribulations of short people take bangs at me too, as with my sisters. We're stair steps by and inch each, starting with me at 5'2, Sherry, Rhonda and then Jodi. Guess we just have to grin and bear it.

  12. There seems to be something wrong with every height, LOL! I've been buying cargo pants lately and the lowest velcroed pocket flap gets hooked on the lower dishwasher rack every time I load or unload it.