Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Rite of Spring

I just cooked and put out the first hummingbird nectar of the year.  They have been late finding my house the past two years but I still put it out on time just in case they say  "Oh yes..we need to go over and see Carole.  She is always ready for diners at her place!"  Last year it took till the last week of April for Pete sake.

I got the dress I am wearing to the wedding back yesterday.  Looks kinda big still, but she was so nervous about working on it, I will let it stay the way it is.  Who knows, I may wear something else.

Have to go to the grocery here shortly.  My son will also gather supplies against his heading on back to his home.  That will be within 7-10 days I would say.

Beautiful day out there.  One of two we have enjoyed. I am SO grateful for it.  Lifts the spirits even more.  Last night we ate out and for the first time, I left my wallet on the table here at home.  Good thing I had a credit card on me though.  I hate using them in restaurants.  Too many horror tales about that and too, I was illegally driving with no license and registration.  I crept home and hoped I wouldn't be stopped for anything.

Guess what?  I saw wild violets last evening when we went to get in the car.  Violets are my most favorite flower in the world.  I used to gather bunches of them and give them to my Dad when I was a little girl..single digit in age.  I love them..always have.  Where I gathered them there were yellow, purple, white and pale blue ones.  Four colors. I have never seen a gathering of them like that again since I left that area.  They are so brave! It's hard not to love them.  I like to get right down there on their level. We chat a bit but they are far too busy to stay and speak to me for long.
taken in my yard 2010 with tiny point and shoot

also taken 2010 my yard with point and shoot little guy.

Hope it's well for you where you are.  I STILL wish we had Live Spaces.  I always will.  There were some vicious trolls on it though. Guess it's the same everywhere on social media.



  1. The violets are beautiful. I love them too. My children used to bring them to me on May Day in little cones they had folded and glued together from a sheet of paper. What a lovely memory.
    I hope the hummingbirds visit you soon Twin. xoxo

  2. At 20's last night the nectar would freeze up around here..guess it will be months up this way before the birds are around. Hope your day and week will be a good one. Things will be lonely around there without son being there. Hugs to you Sis you are such a great MOM.. Take Care.. XoXo

  3. We rest at 35 degrees with a high of 66 today...no complaints! The buds and first flowers of the season really are brave. I think it's incredible that something so delicate looking can be the first plants of the season to show! More power to 'em!

  4. Putting out the hummer feeder is on my list for tomorrow. The last 2 years they have been here around the 12th of the month. Will be interesting to see when this year. Still seems a bit chilly for them...was 28 this am.

    Wonderful news about your son being able to go home within a few days. I know you will miss him.

  5. Mary here - those violets are gorgeous. I think my mother used to have wild violets in her woods. We were never there at the right time of year tho to actually see them. You sure are going to miss your son when he leaves to go back home as you've been able to share so much while he's been home. But, I guess you each need your own life back, and you';ll have Katie to keep you busy.

  6. Our hummers were very late last year but they did finally come. Lots of sugar used up! They are so sweet, though.

    Lovely violets!

    Yesterday here warmed tot he 60s but it is colder again today. No sign of flowers, just some buds on trees.

  7. Good thing you weren't stopped by any zealous policemen on Monday evening!

    I love violets, too. Strange, though. They are not even blooming yet in our yard!

    It is good to hear that your son is making such good progress.

  8. I take my point and shoot with any time I'm looking to take pictures. I only take the big camera when I'm going to a specific place to take pictures ala road trip or vacation. I hate lugging around that big suitcase. It's still too cold here for any significant growth. Yesterday was 62. Today is 32.

  9. I am putting out hummer necter tomorrow. BTW, I only learned last year that you don't have to actually cook the nectar; just dissolve the sugar in hot tap water. And here I'd been doing all that boiling for 20 years!

    1. I learned that bringing it to a boil and then letting it cool (of course) before refrigerating helps to stave off spoilage a bit when it is in the feeder. I only leave nectar in there three days tops when it is hottern' blazes out. If it looks cloudy..clean the feeder and replenish. It's been in there way to long. Oh and I have never EVER added food color. They never needed it.

  10. Hummingbirds and violets! Two magnificent favorites of mine. :). And yes, the weather is getting stranger all the time.

  11. Hi Sis!
    I'm you will be very happy with in at home.
    You are very much like Violets yellow white purple blue four colors..
    His happy with son violets are your favorite flower with be back soon.
    May you have a lovely family time today of new life even more Sis!
    Sis.Katie Miyuki

  12. I have an experience that I left my wallet at home. It was very scary not to have license with me! Actually my coworker was stopped by police when he forgot to bring license.
    I love violets, too. Your photos are beautiful!