Saturday, April 6, 2013


Anyway, looks like someone wasn't heeding the speed limit.

I am so looking forward to heading over the mountains in a few weeks.  I have to wait for the family bridal shower on the 24th of this month, and then, all things going well, I am off!  I could really REALLY use a weekend with my boy there.  Hopefully there will be no wrecks, no lane closures, no turned over tractor trailer rigs.  I think these turnovers are about endemic!  Not a week goes by it seems that one turned over rig has closed the interstate sometimes in both directions for 8-10 hours-- or perhaps a day sometimes.  What in the world besides texting are they doing? Playing Words with Friends?

Miss Sweetie here will be going to  a big big pawty here shortly.  She's all costumed and ready.



  1. Does Miss Sweetie need a chaperone? It could be an interesting evening.:-)

  2. I'll bet you're excited for the shower though I don't envy you the travel. I used to be involved with a lot more travel then I currently am a lot less fond of it then I used to be. Looks like someone is really gussied up for the oh my!

  3. racing truckers n bully truckers and talking truckers and don't give a damm druged up truckers..... then the cops play CYA and the pains in the ass roll on

    have a safe trip

  4. No one seems to obey the speed limit. And texting and talking on phone while driving are rampant. I just don't understand people sometimes. What did we do before cell phones and such?

    Katie looks absolutely smashing! I hope she enjoys her evening out. :)

  5. Hi Sis!
    I was so happy to hear about nothing wrong with you.
    We has development plan of improve drive for so many help of
    The Base hospital with burns their truck having hit a tree,while a number of people has been treated for burns by paramedics at the scene.
    Pleas take car SiS!

  6. Too many people have no regard for the speed limit. I hope the person that hit the sign was caught.

    I hope everything goes well and you are able to take the much needed trip across the mountains.


  7. Does Miss Sweetie need a beau? I know a handsome tuxie who scrubs up well!!

  8. so many things they shouldn't be doing, Carole, an' I bet they do 'em all... Safety first doesn't apply in their minds, methinks. Love the outfit, and I bet Miss Sweeti's the Belle of the Ball. Hope all your plans go well... take care my friend. hugs 'n purrs 'n woofs... to you 'n Li'l Kate.. xPenx

  9. As bad as the traffic congestion is around here, and it is bad with so many people and vehicles crammed in a small area,I don't think we've had a ten hour back-up on the highway. Then again I could have to deal this tomorrow on my way back to work.

    Lovely gown!

  10. Glad you will be making the trip over the mountain again - it's been a long time and you so need it. I think truckers many times drive on too little sleep just to keep the rig moving - moving means money and sleeping means no money. Then I think some of the new drivers aren't trained very well. They just don't care - after all they are much bigger than any other rig on the highway!

  11. Mario here - ZOWIE! My little heart is thumping so loud it's bouncing around like a ball.