Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Small Tour of TN

My friend Boston Boy of Blogzilla commented yesterday that I should think of including some scenery pics from around here so as to give you guys a tour right there at your home.  I take so many floral macros and few landscapes that I haven't many to choose from but here are a few for you now. Above is at one of our local Parks.

Bull Run Steam Plant
This view above is just about 4 miles from my home. My pics will be taken in the winter or fall this time.

A side walk (literally) sculpture in downtown Knoxville
I am fascinated with that sculpture.  Unusual.  Here is another view of it.

The  famous Tennessee Theatre in downtown Knoxville.
Here is the URL for it if you're interested.

The foothills of the Great Smokey Mountains
About 5000 ft. up in the Smokey's

The Smokey's are only an hour away from me and the black bears are all over the place including here in town.  Gotta love it.

Here's a birdie I took a pic of.  He is a Ring Billed Gull.  Down on the  Clinch River where I go all the time. here in town.

Waterfalls in the Mountains.  We live in a beautiful State.


  1. These are wonderful photos Twin!! Thank you for showing us a little bit of your home area.


  2. Well, I just "lost" my comment.:-( Let's see if I remember what I had said before.:-)

    I knew the family who lived on the farm where that steam plant is located. In fact, one of their sons was in my class. My elementary school is not far away, either.

    It has been ages and ages since we have been to the Smoky Mountains on #441. The traffic is a "bear" as well! I always wonder what it is that entices the black bears to travel away from their home territory. They really put themselves in great danger!

    Have a good evening!

  3. You do, indeed, live in a beautiful state. The bonus being the climate, I think--at least your winters. :-)

  4. The human here:
    The first vacation we took after getting married LONG LONG ago was to the Smokies. We did the long hike to the top of Mount Le Conte and slept in a lean to with other hikers. A bear smelled food etc, as well as one person's dog, and it was a very very touchy situation. Will never forget it. We also have a wooden spoon still with bear tooth marks in it from another camping vacation in New England. We put away the food in the car overnight, but left a box of utensils out on the picnic table.

    Love your pictures!

  5. Now you're talking! I would like to see more in the future! You should take advantage of all you have around you.

  6. You are surrounded by just a beautiful area. I really enjoyed the tour. I must say your landscapes are as beautiful as you macros. So nice to be back for visits again.
    Hugs Carrie

  7. Love it. They are just beautiful. What a great idea he had.

  8. You sure do live in a beautiful state - I always loved traveling thru it on the way to Florida. I'm really impressed with your pictures and am enjoying seeing them.

  9. Hi Sis!
    A Beautiful your strawberry I will coming to see your home very soon 11th May Dancers spring concert ...
    Smokey mountains are wonderful birdie remember for you?
    Are you going to pictures for these day.....
    I love first pictures are never forgot me Sis!
    Sis.katie. Miyuki. and Victoria.

  10. Very enjoyable view of your photos Carole! I've always liked what you do with photography!

  11. love the small tour, Carole...and the waterfall is gorgeous... but then all of them are... purrs to you and Li'l kate... xPenx

  12. What a beautiful scenery! I love the sculpture, very unique!
    I've not been to Smokey Mountains, but would love to visit some day!

  13. I've come back for a second look at your photo's Carole, the sidewalk sculpture especially stays on your mind... Glad you enjoyed my Owly Poem, your comment made my day too.. Purrs and woofs to you... xPenx

  14. I saw today a TV show that said Tennessee was the overall best place to retire to... That makes sense.