Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Back From the Mountains, Tra la tra laaa

I had the best time!  It's been such a long time since I got to go.  My boy was gracious to ferry me about to all of my favorite places and I swear my wallet had flames coming off of it, I had it whipped out for payment so many times!

It was sunny until Saturday afternoon whereupon it started raining.  It rained the rest of the day, all night and man, did I have heavy hard hard rain ALL the way home to my driveway--- every inch of the way. There was hard rain, there were clouds low in the mountains along with the rain and the mist thrown up by cars and the zillions of trucks on I-40 with the rest of us was very difficult to see through.  I remembered that which I read several years ago.  That being to put on your polarized sunglasses.  That works to help you make out signs overhead and along the road through all the clouds and rain as well as road hazards and even the trucks ahead.  And it does not make it too dark to drive despite them being sunglasses in the deep gloom.  If I heard correctly, we had record rainfall here in my town for the weekend.  The pet sitter had some  dogs to take out before she got to Katie and she said what with the dogs' reluctance to go out in the driving rain to go to the bathroom if you will, she also had to dry them when they came back in.  She said she was so glad the weekend was over when I called to tell her I was home.

Hope you like my dogwood flowers.  They are from my own dogwood here in the yard.

It took awhile to put things away when I got home.  That's great because that meant I had a great time.  Katie got a new pretty dish to drink from and she told me she didn't like it and bring back the old one which I obediently did.

I get to go see my colleagues today for lunch.  It's a mixture of those who are working and those who aren't.  But always fun and full of ear splitting loud talkin' noise.  Just the way I like it.  Makes me smile just thinking of it.

Gotta get ready..see you soon.  You think the raspberry colored linen top will do?  I have two new linen tops.  One crushed orange they call it and one raspberry.  Both are more pastel however.  I'll haul 'em out and you decide, what say?



  1. I saw some tops in a beautiful orange color when my daughter and I were shopping a couple of weeks ago. I say go with the orange.

    I am glad you made it safely home through all of that rain.


  2. Forgot to tell you the dogwood blossoms are so pretty.

  3. We, too, are glad that you're back safe and sound, and of course we know Katie was happy to have you return.

    It's great you had such a good visit, and got some terrific shopping done too -- bonus!

    The dogwood is so pretty. We have a few weeks yet before we see any blooms on the trees, they're just starting to bud, never mind any leaves!

  4. Oh, I would choose the raspberry one.

    We drove in a bit of rain as we were returning from Lake Junaluska on Saturday afternoon. I haven't ever been to Charlotte, but it sounds like you had great shopping! I may have to add that to my "bucket list.":-)

    Have a great day with your friends!

    Very pretty dogwood!

  5. It relatively cool here as it has been on and off since the official start of spring. My daughter's graduation is this much up in the air. My aunt is very ill and we don't know what will happen with that and we have a big trip planned in June. I would love to just enjoy thing but I've been so uptight lately. Hopefully the June trip will be the vacation we're planning it will be. Bless you my friend.

  6. Splendid Dogwood blossoms! Wonderful sign of true springtime they are!

    I'm glad you had a wonderful time in spite of the rain. :)

  7. Glad you had wonderful time and are back home safely! We had tons of rain, too. It must have been hard to drive in the rain. I don't like driving with those trucks around.
    Sorry to hear Katie san didn't like the pretty new dish. Though I meet such reaction from my boys a lot. Haha.
    Crushed orange color top sounds very good to me :-)

  8. Carole you have to post more pictures of where you live. I'm sure you are surrounded by beautiful scenery. It's a way for us to go somewhere while sitting in a chair. I would love to see some mountains. You take good pictures. I do like your dogwood flowers. That's a sentence I never thought I would say.

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  9. Mary here - so very happy you enjoyed every second of your mini vacation. You needed that get-away and it was great you got to go. Whatever would we do without pet sitters!

  10. Hi Sis!
    I just thinking about you and Katie too.
    we both has new life from now and back to our beautiful life time.
    I will read again more your beautiful flowers.
    Sis.Katie.Miyuki and Victoria.

  11. I loved all the activities in the whole post, but one odd thought came to me. Why can't they make regular (non-sunglass) polarized eyeglasses? I can't recall that ever mentioned as an option when I get new driving glasses.

  12. Glad your trip was so $ucce$$ful, lol. Of course being with the son is always the best part of all. Glad you made it home safe. I like raspberry.

  13. Hi Sis!
    I'am sorry Sis! you having rained day that cause of very had for drive way to the mountains the mist thrown up by card for rest of very difficult to you remember few years ago.
    I thought you said it too dark to drive despite with sun in the deep gloom glasses..
    Katie got a new pretty disk to drink but she like back her old with her dish that you helping with her.
    I thinking for you and Katie are coming to my place but nothing like Adventures of Admiral are not coming see anymore...I just don't understand why? BUT I do know Sis!
    We both thinking with her..
    I hope you having a good time today Sis!
    Sis.Katie.Miyuki.and Victoria