Monday, May 27, 2013

Here I Go Again.

Like anyone really is clamoring to see this but here is my corsage.  I have taken the roses out and have them drying up in the air.  I will flatten them tomorrow most likely.

I have saved the ribbon in my room and I am drying the four rose buds are the few sweet strawberries I picked from my lonely little plant out on the deck.  I can't  have my container garden any more because the raccoons and opossums climb all the way up and wreck the deck, and tear up the hummingbird feeder whilst doing it AND eat the veggies I grow. PLUS they terrorize the cat who screams a blue streak in the night and I have to get up to deal with it.

There are (were) about ten of them I guess.
I was so whupped from this past week that I sat down and could not read the morning paper without falling asleep over it so I gave up and had half an hour nap.  Who is sorry now?  Me.  I'm not sleepy and it is drawing nigh to bedtime.  :-(


  1. Your corsage was beautiful!! And the strawberries too!

    I hope this is a good week for us all Twin! xoxo

  2. MMmmm those Strawberries look wonderful. Your corsage is beautiful, to bad it won't last to long. You take it easy and get lots of rest.

  3. Beautiful corsage and yummy looking berries. Sorry about the raccoon(s)!

  4. Hi Sis!
    I love to see in your room that is still beautiful ROSES.
    The raccoon,s are eating veggies.
    There is nothing wrong with you and me, My sis and there will always be friend.
    Please take care with good night sleeping Sis!
    Sis,Katie,Miyuki, and Victoria,

  5. What pretty corsage. A bit of strawberry shortcake in your future? They look soooo good.

  6. The memories from the week-end will last you the rest of your life! The corsage is beautiful! So are the strawberries, but they are tastier.:-) Have a great Tuesday!

  7. That is very pretty corsage! I love the blue ribbon with pink flowers. And strawberries look very sweet!
    I hope you can adjust back to regular sleeping schedule :-)

  8. Love your flower really seems to suit you. The strawberries look so very good!

  9. It's a beautiful corsage, why not post a photo of it? Ron has used silica gel to dry flowers without flattening them. It may be too late for your corsage, though.

  10. Your corsage is beautiful, Carole! And those strawberries look delicious. You've had a busy go recently ... no wornder you're tired!

  11. I can sympathize with the sleepyness. I work crazy hours some days in a t 6 or 7 a.m. and some days 11:30a.m. or 12:30p.m. Reeks havoc with my sleeping schedule.
    Pass me a strawberry please?
    And lovely corsage!