Friday, May 17, 2013

Poor Little Katie

It is an awful storm for her to deal with.  She's just a little kitty and when the lightening flashes and the thunder roars and hail falling, she heads for under the dining table.  When we get one of our many tornadoes I can't get her in my lap for's under the big table.

Her human brother is here though- and after he comes out of the shower (he got started before the storm started) she will get a lot of attention if she is up for that.

We are all getting ready for the big wedding next Saturday.  Everyone has their suits and ties and pretty dresses. I swear I cannot remember what the bride will be carrying for flowers!

I am excited for them..their honeymoon will be in Europe for several weeks.  No tours or whirlwind.  They want to be in the heart of London and that's where they booked their horribly expensive hotel BUT it is within a stone's throw of everything they are interested in (all of us as a family are actually) British history.  Any History really, but British history is my history as that is my lineage.   All of the famous buildings and artifacts within reach..walking distance.  But when they leave the will be a new era and one I will have to adjust to.  My baby will be gone.  That is the way it should be and I am deeply lovingly appreciative of it.

Peace, friends.  So glad I have you.


  1. May the weather be perfect for next Saturday! It rained on the day of both our family weddings, June 2010 and June 2011, but not during the ceremony or afterwards. Hope tonight's storm is over and done with soon. Katie will have to choose who to snuggle with tonight!

  2. I am excited for you at the thought of the wedding. Imagine a honeymoon in Europe. Sounds wonderful!!

    Hugs for you and Miss Katie and hi to your son!! xoxo

  3. Gosh, it's come around quickly, the wedding. Hope we'll see some pics of everyone looking stunning. Or at least the dresses, etc, you can crop out the heads for internet safety. LOL.

    Nicki and Derry don't get fussed in thunderstorms, but granted, we rarely have really intense ones. It's ME who freaks out!

  4. Sis fear more storms might be coming your way. Hope you all stay safe and sound though. Seems this year the season for storms is later than usual, but more violent. Take care :-)

  5. Our cat, Ashes, (if he was in the house) would head for under the bed in our bedroom if a storm came. Shadow, our present 21-year old cat, has never been fazed by them. Probably because he was so much like a whirlwind himself in his younger days.:-)

    How exciting! The long-anticipated wedding is quickly approaching! Do you suppose we could hide in their luggage for that trip?:-)

    Yes. The rains definitely came - again. That sets back the garden work once again.:-(

    Busy, busy times ahead for you! We must make plans to meet again at some point in the near future.

  6. Oh poor Katie san, I hope the storm passed quickly! And hopefully the weather is nice rest of the weekend.

    Wedding is next Saturday! It's so close, how exciting! I hope you all have a wonderful time and your son and new daughter will enjoy their honeymoon!

  7. Poor Katie! Animals don't understand that we want to protect them :(

    You done good Carole!! To think they are coming here for their honeymoon!! London is my place of birth so love it for all its faults (and huge expense!) xx

  8. Snickers sympathizes with Katie...she, too, hides during a storm. Usually under a bed or desk.

    Sure hope next weekend will be beautiful weather for the wedding.

  9. Hugs and kisses for poor Katie...

    Your baby will not be gone... you now have a daughter... Love and kisses, Marilyn

  10. Hey I was finally able to post!!!!!!

  11. Hmmm, I tried to find an actually polite but funny D-I-L joke, and couldn't find a single one. So I tried to think up a decent joke. Best I could come up with is "Well, maybe your son will start to appreciate your cooking a whole lot more than he did before".

    Oh well...

  12. Hi Sis!
    I am sorry Katie san by you self and I had bud cold for ten days and the rains for more six days. I have always been fortunate to live to be hide the park land. invigorated being in the cold outside. I hope that this year will bring marry more good family and lots of fun turning your dreams into reality in near future with Sis!
    Have a wonderful wedding!
    Sis.Katie.Miyuki.and Victoria.

  13. Poor Katie. Storms are so very scary, we agree. And poor you, Carole ... we know that feeling of wanting to comfort scared animals, but not really being able to.

    Purring and praying that the weather will be wonderful for the big wedding. :)

  14. Hugs to poor Li'l Kate, Carole, but I hope the storm is over by now and the sweet one is calm and herself again. (apologies for this late comment ) ... and Tomorrow is the BIG day, sheer excitement is mounting... and I hope everything goes as planned. Have a wonderful day, and may the sun shine down on the happy couple.... hugs aplenty to you and yours my friend. xPenx