Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Oooh, Ick..Yuk and Stuff Like That

Gee golly and YUK.  I read in the newspaper a few days ago that not only are bedbugs surging everywhere but also in the more unlikely places.  Such as libraries!!!

I mean...libraries for pete sake.  They come in on patrons but mostly on books that are returned.  There will sometimes be bugs in the binding and eggs as well.  Here you are, all unsuspecting at the library choosing some reading materials to take home and the books are sometimes infested.

The libraries, some anyway, are hiring personnel with bedbug sniffing dogs who alert on the bugs in the stacks and elsewhere in the building.  I applaud their actions!

 YUK! Motels/hotels for certain are too often affected-- and last summer on a trip it was good thing we checked the bedding before we went to bed, each of us in our rooms.  My room was safe but my sons were bombarded with bedbugs.  Luckily they saw them soon as they turned back the bedding.  Oh how totally disgusting.  Yes, they got another room  but not the way you want to start the process of sleep and you fear equally for any other room you're in.


Too, you may get infested on a city conveyance..bus, taxi, train.  They are in  some department stores sometimes as well, as infested persons try on clothes and perhaps leave a bug in the clothing all unaware.  It's not the store's fault. It makes you hate to sit anywhere if you allow yourself to think about it.

Those things are a scourge.


  1. Okay, I have to take the bus home in an hour.... :-p

  2. I have also heard one should be cautious in a movie theater!

  3. They've been in my area for several years; a hospital got them and had to get one of the specially trained dogs. We had to have one come through our offices one time as someone thought they saw one on their desk. We are in and out of all kinds of housing and other public facilities constantly for our job and have been warned not to carry things in and out with us that are not absolutely necessary, how to package those things, whether to sit or not, etc. For a long time, our resale shops were refusing to accept upholstered furniture and bedding. Per our understanding, it has nothing to do with cleanliness or personal habits. They are just that hard to kill. And if we can't kill them up here with the cold, you know it's hard down by you.

  4. Gross indeed. And GACK! I just brought 7 books home from the library yesterday! And i never really thought about movie theaters. Not sure why! Double GACK!

  5. What an awful thought!!! Now I don't want to go anywhere.

    Hugs for you Twin!!

  6. Ewwwww! And very scary, too! They can be anywhere!
    I didn't imagined they can be in department stores....but they sure can! Shudder///

  7. Very scary indeed..wish there was some way we could wipe them and roaches off the face of the planet but I bet they will be around when WE are Gone! I am so disgusted over the library thing. I haven't visited one in a while but boy the thought is always in the back of my mind. They say you can use dryer sheets in under your mattress etc and it helps keep them away.. if something like that so simple can help why not USE IT more?? Nope no one does. I moved my blog to another page..hope you can get to the link I left on my old one. I am so disgusted with GOOGLE and the LACK OF help. Still working on the problem. Have a safe day the weather in some parts is just wicked.

    1. Sis, I don't think there is anything factual about dryer sheets and bedbugs.

  8. I've lived abroad with many infestations...the worst two I remember are rat and bedbug infestations. I guess for now I can be glad I live in a state that has nice cold winters that keeps us from such things for the most part...at least for now.

  9. Crap! The library is my favorite place!