Sunday, June 9, 2013

Rain.....sigh.,... UPDATE on Parthenon

It's a beautiful day in that the newlyweds came to see me.  They brought me the was it Evening Standard? newspaper from Great Britain.  Apparently "they" whomever is in charge of that, brought out the Queen's jewels as that was mentioned on the front page of the Standard.  I will save it for reading here shortly. So Neil and new bride were able to see them!

They played some videos they took and that was great fun.  They were housed in the middle of London within walking distance of most of the places they wanted to be sure to see.  The British AWESOME! I can't believe what they have in there.  And the Rosetta Stone?  WHOA! So many things. I wish I could spend like a day in each room to get it all absorbed!

There was some demonstration over something.  Though the language was/is English, the shouting was not understandable and so the newlyweds had no idea what was so bad.  There were hoards of police too, at least 40!!! My son said everyone in the streams of demonstrators seemed clearly drunk.  Go figure.  There was shouting, chanting and none could be decipherable to Neil and Christi.

Meanwhile, I ate the rest of the green beans and potatoes for breakfast no less a thing and I had the strawberries that were left for brunch.  Oh my gosh, deLICious!!

I looked for green beans in the grocery today and they were sealed up in opaque plastic BAGS!  No way!  I have always wanted to see and feel them.  None of that hiding it away stuff.

Tomatoes, not greenhouse ones were...$2.79 a POUND!  In the grocery!

I took the picture in the header a winter ago when myself and two sons went to Nashville to spend the day.  We walked everywhere.  When one son was at Vanderbilt, he went to the Parthenon all of the time.  He has been to the real one since but this one is a huge attraction both to locals and tourists. Very impressive.  Copy and paste this into your browser or follow the link I finally put in, above.

Thanks for putting up with my delirium over the fresh veggies.  I forgot how delicious they are...but I think that was pretty obvious.  :-)


  1. Since the protesters were both drunk AND incoherent, it was probably about soccer LOL!

    I can't wait for fresh farm stand tomatoes. Mine just produced their first flowers, so it will be a while before MINE are ripe.

  2. I am so glad that your son and daughter in law came for a visit today. I think that would be an interesting video to see.
    My mouth is watering just thinking of fresh green beans and potatoes and strawberries!


  3. Even with the excitement I'm sure the trip was wonderful. Hey, when something is that good you have a right to be delirious about them. I know I would be.

  4. That's a great picture at the top - love it. Ah yes, rioting in London. I hear it happens every now and then. Would be interesting to find out what it was about tho. Ahh yes, fresh produce. I can't wait until it's Farmer's Market time here - probably around July 4th before our local farmers will be selling produce. Strawberries are about that time also. Can't wait.

  5. I apologise for the demonstration. I f they were white AND drunk, they were probably the English Defence League. Not a nice bunch! And then you get the anti-fascist lot, equally as nasty! It could have been this:

    Anyway, I hope despite that they enjoyed visiting my home city! :) xx

  6. Glad your son and daughter-in-law are back and sounds like it was fun trip! Maybe not the demonstration part...but it must have been really nice to stay in the middle of the city!
    The parthenon in Nashville looks gorgeous. I would love to visit there some day :-)

  7. England is a place I would love to go to!
    That's a pretty impressive building! What is it used for? Is it just a tourist attraction or governmental (emphasis on the mental) building and a tourist attraction? It's very similar to the Quincy market building here in Boston. Enquiring minds want to know.

  8. Glad you had a nice visit..always good to catch up especially with the newlyweds. I saw something about the crown last week how much it weighs etc and she was about 27 I believe when she first had to wear it, scared to death some family reported. They only took it out for the occasion of her 60th year on the throne I believe. Yes tomatoes high here too..worth growing your own if the critters wouldn't get them. WE have way too many here to even try it. Darn! Take care :-)

  9. It sounds like the newlyweds had a super honeymoon! I'd love to go to England. I saw Grainger County tomatoes last week, but didn't buy any.

  10. Hi Sis!
    You has newspaper from Grant Britain. Apparently "they whomever is in change of that brought out the queen's jewels was mentioned on the front page and what will reading shorty
    so Neil with new bride were see them.
    I There was some demonstration over something though the language English.
    At reast 40 !!
    Your son said everyone in the go figure.
    There was shouting charting and decipherable to Neil and Christi.
    You having ate the breakfast of green beans and potatoes and strawberries that is best brunch Sis!!
    You has with two son's went to Nashville and he went to the Parthenon all of the time.but this one is a both tourists.
    copy and paste this your browser the link I finally put in
    I looking yours all the time.
    Sis.Katie.Miyuki. and Victoria.