Sunday, June 16, 2013

Wind...Trees...You Can Imagine the Rest

You know, those who have been friends since MSN Live Spaces days how I mention the trees and how tall they are and how surrounded I am in my little house.  It makes me very alert and concerned when we have tornadoes and high force winds during thunder storms etc.  Here are a few pictures above my small home to explain why I get concerned..  My son took the pictures from a small plane he was in.  Here in the Header you see a tiny bit of my back yard in the Fall.

My house is there but I will post another to make it more plain.

Bottom right..two objects up..the white car is mine next to my home. House is yellowish looking; car is tiny white thing.

LOTS o' Trees.  TALL ones. Oak, hickory, maple, poplar and assorted others.


  1. It is trees that set off the fires in the Black Forest in Colorado and other wildfires. They are beautiful but also very dangerous. The older the trees, the more likely they are to blow over. It was the dead-fall in Yellowstone that fueled the fire there. Yet, enjoy the beauty of the woods.

  2. I love big trees, but John is right when he says they can be dangerous. :) Here we have to have special permits to cut even on our own property. I suppose i can sort of see why. But here in western Oregon, we have no tornadoes, and there is next to no fire danger. That is all in eastern Oregon. You have a lovely yard though. Try not to worry to much. (Easier said than done, i know.) And try to enjoy their shade in the heat of summertime!

  3. I can see your concern. Looks like a very nice place though. There are two in my sisters yard that grew leaning over her house. We all worry about it.

  4. What beautiful scenery Twin! You have lovely surroundings!

  5. ah, I have you (expect a visit soon, Imaginery of course...) and can appreciate your worries Carole. Only thing I can say is, it looks so beautiful. purrs and hugs to you and Li'l Kate xPenx

    1. just called in on Beth, so dropping by your place to say hi, and give a hug and stroke to you and Li'l Kate. (hug to you, n' stroke to Kate, ;-) ) Have a wonder-filled weekend. hugs aplenty xPenx

  6. That header picture is just breathtaking. Now that is a "woods!" Your trees are beautiful, and I can see they are very thick. I can understand why you do worry during a storm. Hopefully none will fall while you live there.

  7. The worst damage I have seen from tornadoes is in areas where there are few or no trees. All the houses are just ripped to shreds and disappear. Somehow I feel the trees might save you. Hope you have a basement!

  8. It's so wonderful to be surrounded by such beautiful nature! But I can understand your concern, too....We hope Mother Nature is always nice to us.
    But still! You live in such lovely place! The back yard scenery is amazing!!

  9. I have a VERY big oak just upwind of the house. I worry everytime there is a serious wind event. Still, it seems sturdy and not likely to get blown over any PARTICULAR year. The tree people want $3K to take it down, but it might outlast me. I'm having a hard time deciding what to do.

    I admire the tree, so I think I will wait a few more years.

  10. Dearest Sis!
    The feeling of love one fells for another feeling of wanting to be with each other again Is the inner joy.
    The love one feels on top of heaven's stairse.
    I remember same time the two years ago you will doing with beautiful photos for fear that someone might stumble across my blog and get offended at.. I have written about more too.
    Admiral a beautiful angel I am so happy for Admiral and your Mum and Katie!
    Sis,Katie,Miyuki,and Victoria,

  11. I love the area you live in. No matter what, just sit and look at the trees on a clear day and you can't help but relax.
    Love to you and Katie

    Kathy & Meow_Girls

  12. Nice and woodsy. No tornadoes here in WA state either, but my only halfway big tree went down in an ice storm a couple of winters ago.

  13. We've had microbursts that are just as devastating as tornadoes occur in mountains and all sorts of other areas with trees. I've heard and seen pictures of literally thousands of trees laid low by one of these...sobering, the power of nature.

  14. WOWee!! You are very tucked away there!!!

  15. Sis every time I hear of bad weather in your neck of the woods I say a prayer nothing will fall on your house. I do know it concerns you greatly. High winds use to scare me and still does these days.. hope things stay calm there. Wonderful photos. :-)