Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A pretty day...so far!

Hey I guess we can take all the prettiness we can get for however long we can get it, right?

I have been busier than hen's teeth and that is liable to continue for another five months or so. But I get by with a little help from my friends.  :-) I'm fine by the way.  My health seems fine far as I know.  Just busy.  I didn't want to give a wrong impression.  Except I have a dad blamed fever blister!  WHY oh WHY do those things come along out of the clear blue sky (or rainy sky around here!).  Of course the old adage holds true.  IF (indeed) that's the worst thing that happens to you, count your blessings.  Well, I do that every day anyway. :-)

Nothing much to say...just passing through.  I have an appointment in one hour and I am ready to roll.  Got my linen slacks on..close fitting (that is how they are styled..I don't have the larger hips or legs...so the trouser looks OK.  Linen blouse..raspberry in color to go with the flax color of the trousers.  Black sandals.  Hey, as I said, ready to roll.

Thank you so very extra much for the comments on things I am grateful for.  There are others..I just had mercy on those slogging through a long post.  I loved seeing what YOU all are grateful for too.  That is what inspired me.

Loving my new iPhone.  I love the app that lets me hold it up to the music anywhere that I happen to be and it tells me who it is singing or what the music is and where to buy it if I wish.  Like wizardry!

I love my bar code reader too.  I have a new toy that makes me smile every day.  I asked Siri what was better, cats or dogs and she said..."you know Carole, I don't feel very decisive today"!  Now that was a diplomatic answer if I ever heard one.  XXOO


  1. Sounds like you are ready to go for the day. Best wishes...

  2. I know things will go well for you today Twin. Your outfit sounds beautiful. HUGS!!

  3. Forgot to tell you that the flowers are gorgeous!

  4. No iPhone for me. Can't afford one yet and US Cellular doesn't have them. But, I do just fine with my Samsun 3G. It's go more stuff than I can figure out, hee hee. Lol, Siri sounds like a politician. Being busy is good and it sounds like you'll be turning heads, looking so good.

  5. I remain cellphone free however I do actively use my latest generation I-touch which I sure love. Sorry about the blister. My wife gets those on occasion and hates them with a passion.

  6. That makes me smile! There are many days I don't feel very decisive either. Take care of yourself, dear busy Carole. The blister is a stress response, no doubt. Do something fun - just for you!

  7. I'm sure you look very stunning in your linen today! Hopefully you will stay dry! We were there yesterday, and staying dry was a huge challenge!

  8. Sometimes I think Siri is my best friend lol. So diplomatic! Amazing to have an app for telling you music!! Must search that out! Just passing through too :) xox

  9. Haha, I love Siri's answer. When Siri didn't understand what my friend was saying, the friend said "dumb" or something. And Siri said "I pretend I didn't hear that." I thought that was funny answer, too :-)

  10. Easy there Carole. I'm gonna need a cold shower.
    Care for some humidity? No really!

  11. Hi Sis!
    you has been the worst thing happens to you Sis!...
    I has first played my golfing for very bad days..
    after too much raining days for I just get of sick but only next thing of my days.
    Hope you having a best good day!
    Sis.Katie,Miyuki,and Victoria,

  12. I'm glad you're healthy, and i send you happy hugs from Oregon! xx

    I love linen. So summery and fabulous! :)

    And your iPhone sounds ultra cool. Like it has a tiny Harry Potter inside it! :)