Sunday, July 28, 2013

It's the Best of Days

My cyber Twin- Beth is home and that makes this the best of days! I am so happy.  Relieved for certain and happy as though it were a family member which she is.

I have my oldest here with me till tomorrow morning and then the middle (teacher) boy will be here Tuesday afternoon.  I will so enjoy seeing his as well.

I am making (have made) friend seasoned chicken for my boy and he will have some yellow rice as it could have been made in the Bayou.  I can't wait to sample it.  Takes quite a while to cook but the entire house smells so good!  No begging from the four footed Queen of the House.  She has neverasked for nor shown any interest whatsoever in human food.

I like my hair this short (well, it is to me, anyway) that from now on, it won't be allowed to get any longer.  The middle of the back thing is so hot and inconvenient even though it can look pretty.  Nonetheless, I would have to have someone see my hair and (me consequently) from behind and think it's a younger woman than I am.  That happened once in church.  Embarrassing.  :-)

Oh, you all need to come on in.  I swear, I outdid myself it all smells so good.  We're having good ice cream for dessert too.  The kind without all the additives and fillers in it.  Costs more, but worth it.  Hope I can control myself and have some left for the middle son when he gets here.  It's an entire half of a gallon so really, I need to remember that when I decide again how good it tastes.

Rice is done.  Better hurry because I have a feeling this will go fast.  xxoo


  1. Good news Beth is home! Thank you Carol for the updates. I think I can smell the delish from here!

  2. You have made me hungry describing your wonderful smelling dinner!

    It is wonderful news that Beth is home. I am so thankful for answered prayers.


  3. Oh, I'm so glad to hear Beth is home. Good think I ate before I read this but it still makes a person drool.

    P.S. The camera is Konica Minolta DSLR Maxxum 5D.

  4. We'll you know how I feel about Beth being home. Off I send an email.

  5. Oh what a great news! So glad Beth is home. I hope she feels better and make full recovery quickly!
    Chicken and yellow rice sound good. I love yellow rice. And oh, ice cream. I can't live without it. I had bowl of ice cream for breakfast on Sunday :-)
    Have a great new week xoxo

  6. I am so glad Beth is home. I dropped her a note. Yes, it was a good day!

  7. Thanks for the update!! You know, Carol, I don't eat much fried food as a rule, and on this diet none at all...the only thing I ever do eat and miss now is fried chiocken. Every once in a while....yummmm--it all sounds so good!!

    Enjoy your boys....we are some lucky women, aren't we ??

  8. Well, yes! I'd like some chicken and yellow rice! Even ice cream sounds good.:-)

    Wonderful news about Beth! Sending prayers for her recovery!

  9. Great news to hear Beth is Home , wish I could hug her gently..Your eldest lovely , the meal sounds kinda tasty indeed bet it goes well.
    I am with you on the shorter hair to mine drives me mad when it starts to get longer now..Every six weeks that's the snag though, but worth it. Hope you don't mind if I follow your posts many blessings , Sheila .

  10. Glad to hear Beth is home and your boys will be there to share in the delicious foods. Thanks for the updates on Beth. I always wondered who her "twin" was. ;)

  11. Beth Home recovering and I still pray several times a day for her.. Lord lift her up and keep her free of pain. Glad you have the boys to stay over and keep you company.

  12. Happy To hear about Beth. Thank you for the updates. Sounds like a delicious meal. Blessings

  13. Hi Sis!
    I was so happy with Beth! I have so concerned about your "twin" still shaking my head at worried ...
    You are happy with your boys Sis and your hair cuts well be pretty nice woman.
    Have a nice day!
    Sis,Katie,Miyuki,and Victoria,

  14. We love home-cooked food! We are happy today is good for you! xxoo Patty & Bhu

  15. Quite wonderful to hear Beth finally came home...what a blessing. Hope you have a great visit with your son!

  16. Love the Sunflower! Have you ever grown Mexican Sunflowers? They are my favorite for they bloom and bloom ... Orange. The birds, butterflies, and bees love them too :)

  17. I'm so glad Beth is home! The chicken dish sounds delish! I might just have to pop over & see if there's any left

  18. Hmmm.... Chicken? Ice cream? Can I come over right now?


  19. Thanks for the update on Beth. Oh I want some of that ice cream. I can't keep any in the house cause I will eat the whole thing. I may buy ice cream once every couple of years. Love your sunflowers. I have been having fun taking photos with my new ipod as well. But 2 days ago I finally go my new camera I wanted. The Panasonic Lumix FZ200. I loooove it. Haven't had much time to really take many photos as the berries and fruit is all needing picking here everyday. Hugs Carrie