Saturday, July 6, 2013

Missed the Boat

I wanted to get to the Farmer's Market this morning in time to get certain fruits that are always sold out after 0830 and I didn't.  I got to scouring pet water and food dishes which led to other clean-ups that needed to be done and...I missed the boat.  However, may as well make good of the time still here and I will start in on the bathroom very soon.  Sigh.  Thankless job.  Well, except for the thank yous I give myself when I step into the sparkling shower/tub enclosure or enjoy the shine of the newly cleaned vanity and potty! Then I am thankful for the ability to do my home work here.  I still remember how completely helpless I was two years ago when my wrist was broken (I still have never run on asphalt again..I am very VERY careful now) and my legs blackened with bruising and swollen like utility poles and pitch black along with cellulitis.  THAT, cellulitis, is a skin inflammation requiring antibacterials I believe it was instead of antibiotics for weeks and being almost to the point of NOT being able to walk at all what with that condition and the traumatic injury to my legs.  It is not fat accumumation.

After several months of paying a help place to come in for 3 hrs, 3 days a week..and sitting with ice all over my legs for 4 of those weeks, I will not complain about cleaning the house.  I couldn't comb my very long hair or get it up onto the top of my head so as to be more comfortable. Nor could I shampoo it of course.  Not only was my right wrist broken on the inside BUT my legs were totally bunged up too so I could scarcely stand.  I had one of the paid folks shampoo my hair ONCE a week ( Oh, that was  hard to get used to) and TRY to style it a little before putting it on top of my head out of the way.

I couldn't fix anything to eat and I lost so much weight.  The boys brought all manner of food in but I couldn't open cans,  (That took about 6 months) couldn't put it up for an electric can opener even if I had one...couldn't unwrap frozen entrees and besides, I lost my appetite...seriously.  I got the women that showed up 3 times a week to open a can of soup and put it in a plastic container I could open and I would eat a piece of toast in the morning..nothing till 2 PM where I had a cup of soup carefully spooned up with my left hand and maybe more toast at night.  Weight fell off in gobs.  :-)  So I am grateful to be able bodied since.

More than you needed to hear.  :-)))  Better stuff next time.  Go figure why I wrote all of that.


  1. It's the everyday things that are so important!

    btw, my house could use a going-over...hint hint...

  2. We recall how difficult that time was for you. Good point you make about being thankful to be able to do simple things that were so impossible then. We are so glad you are all better from that trouble.

  3. I too did a big bathroom clean yesterday. A few years ago my body and back were so bad I could bend over to do the bathtub. I can now even vacumn again without being cripple for days after. I took a long break from many cleaning activities as hubby stepped in for awhile just so my body could take some time of to repair itself. So yes I too am glad to be able to do these things again. How hard it must have been for you not having someone there all the time to help out. At least I had some help. Thanks for the comment about Siriun he did get an exray when he went to the vet, as that was what I was most concerned that he may have had a stone. But he had none as the ex-ray showed. That was almost 6 months ago and he has had no problems since. Ok I soo need to get started on breakfast. Have a wonderful day.

  4. I cleaned my bathroom today too! My least favorite cleaning job of all
    I am sorry you missed out on the farmers market. I hope you can make it next week.
    Thank God you are recovered from your fall Twin. xoxo

  5. can be almost magical in its ability to give us an epiphany don't you think? Have a blessed day Carole.

  6. I remember when you did that. I never read the detail. It is the little things that you can't do that are so frustrating!! Enjoy the rest of the weekend xx

  7. I believe a boat or an ark would be a good investment for this weather we are having!:-)

    You went through a really tough ordeal! I would have brought you all manner of food, had I just known then. xo

  8. Durn fruity people...... just gotta be fruity.

    Felt the same way when I crack my pelvis n tailbone while back. Just so helpless.

  9. Your flower at the top is gorgeous Carole. As usual, you don't disappoint with your photography. That was a very bad summer for you. So glad you have healed and are back to normal (whatever normal is supposed to be- hehe).

  10. I remember that, Carole, and am so glad you are better now.

  11. Replies
    1. Thing is Mark, you NEVER know when circumstance goes against that. I was very healthy too and enjoying running. In a wink of the eye, I was down for the count. You never know when your time is at hand to have an accident.

  12. Hi Sis!
    you are very grateful for what you can seem to be complaining are simply finally coming to tesms with the aftermath.
    I hope everything ok with you Sis!
    Sis.Katie.Miyuki.and Victoria.

  13. For the most part I have had an injury free life except for last year on a certain island when I stepped into drainage hole behind a sea wall that I was leaning against to frame pictures of the sunrise. I moved left a little and stepped into the 2 foot deep hole up to my knee. I was out of work for two weeks. It's much better now but every once in a while it just let's go. There goes my running career. Oh wait I didn't have one.

  14. I remember that time Carole san, very hard time. I was never seriously injured but even a small cut reminds me of how great to be in health, good physical condition!