Tuesday, August 6, 2013

At Least it Isn't Raining...Yet

Another mostly cloudy to all cloudy day BUT it isn't raining at the moment although the sky looks as though it will.

I have a busy rest of the week coming up.  Today I was out looking for something to photograph.  That coneflower in the header is a June of last year photo I took.  This year has been singular in not having/providing wildflowers where I always found them before.  I could but won't take photos of roses, daisy's etc.  Yes, they are beautiful and yes, I like them a lot but I always look for the slightly less seen flowers, i.e. wildflowers.  I used to find them all the time.  Until this year.  They are in very VERY short supply where I have always found them in the past.  I also have looked for attractive landscapes but I have already been there and done those within 50 miles and right now, I am not able nor am I in the mood to really do travel afar to find some and not by myself.  SO...maybe next year I will be more fortunate.  I can't even find INSECTS as usual. No spiders, not anything but bees.  Nothing else much in unusual places.  :-(

Tomorrow is the luncheon and Cathy or whomever commented on it..."the redneck room" is a joke.  It's just meaning loud talking and boisterous behavior.  :-)  We are all great friends and it's just the way we roll for these occasions (only).

Thursday I will be gone all day so when I see you again, I hope you will be well and happy.  xox


  1. Have a fun, albeit busy week. Can't wait to hear about your "redneck" luncheon- lol xo Diana

  2. Beautiful photo of that flower.
    We FINALLY saw a hummingbird!
    Two caterpillars on their way towards chrysali. Not there yet, but positioned attached to their sticks and still.

  3. Enjoy the lunch "date." :-)

    There were lots of wildflowers here last month, when we'd had more rain, but things are crisping up now. I don't get out of the city except for Dad's annual visits and admit to feeling rather ho-hum about the gardens on my usual walking routes. I've taken some snapshots, more in June and July, but don't really have the motivation.

    Fall colours will be nice, though!

  4. Hope you will have a nice time!

    I've heard from other bloggers that wildflowers are in short supply this year.

  5. The "redneck room" sounds like so much fun. I can just see you all laughing and joking. Have seen hummingbirds here this year but they didn't stick around long. The flowers bloomed and when that was done so were the birds.

  6. Oh! Won't you have great fun on Wednesday!

    We haven't seen bees here in far too long. I commented to my husband yesterday that we have yet to see any potato bugs, but he said there are pests on the green beans.:-( I think this unusual weather has had an effect on everything around us.

    I truly appreciate your comments on my blog. Thank you! xo

  7. You do such a beautiful job with taking pictures, I know how frustrating it has to be for you not to be able to find a subject matter. I can't say that things are all that much better up here - or maybe I just don't know where to look.

  8. Same here with the short supply of wildflowers, but lordy, LORDY, the yellow jackets have taken over. All the yards have holes with those darn things streaming in and out. I'm deathly allergic so I try to keep away and I watch where I walk. You can bet when the cold weather sets in and they stay underground (come on cold!), I'll be dumping gallons of spray down the holes and smashing them shut. Really has been a rough Summer.

  9. Hi Sis!
    I was thinking about your photographbut but you won't take photos...I hope you will be back soon Sis!
    I'm feling your's Photos's all the time.
    You don't have strong thinking about you now.
    Dear Sis! I understand what you said not your travel yourself
    OH YES! I understand Sis not coming with in Airport...
    Katie's will be more likely to big help for you ha ha ha
    If you can..However again concidering NICE thinking well come soon Sis!! LOve you Sis!
    We having the raining from last month and still never stopping of and on that make me sad ...
    I hope I dont eat too much foods..
    Sis! Katie,Miyuki,and Victoria,

  10. Oddly, my coneflowers have not done well this year. And I would think so. Oddly regular rain. There are surely flowers, but not like in most years. Lots of annuals, but also lots of wild ones like Queene Anne's Lace. The natural pollinaters should be happy.

    This year, the precious things to see are honeybees. I have them. A lawn full of tall blooming clover and its organic. I walk around carefully to not disturb them. Like after a rain, I pick worms up from the driveway and return them to kinder places.

  11. I wonder this too much rain causes the short supply of wildflowers and insects. It sure brought lots of mosquitoes though :-( They think I'm a candy bar and repellent spray does not stop them from biting me..
    The coneflower in the header is very pretty! I hope more wildflowers will show up!

  12. I like a balance of rain, as it is better for the flowers than watering. But I hate the mowing part! *augh* Enjoy your week!

  13. Have fun!
    I do love wildflowers. They remind me of when I was a kid and the tall prairie grass fields on Minnesota scattered with wildflowers and monarchs. :)

  14. Well I am glad you explained red neck lol Have a great rest-of-week :))

  15. This has not been a good summer. Mild, yes. But my flowers say they would really like to see the sun! Cloudy. Cloudy. Oh, Sunshine, where forth art thou? My Zinnias beg for thee. The Dahlias thirst for thou loving rays! The Mexican Sunflower droops from grief! :)

  16. Hope you have a nice week. It's hard to find any wildflowers much here too. I think it's because of so much rain. Even my flowers in the yard didn't do as good. Blessings.

  17. Do you think it is the overabundance of rain that is causing the scarcity of wildflowers and insects?

    Have a wonderful (busy) week!

  18. Sometimes a rainy day just needs a gathering like that...heck even when it's not raining! Have a great time Carole!

  19. Yesterday morning around 7:30 was so beautiful with the soft lighting of the sunrise, blue skies, and a light fog clinging to the ground. And of course I did not have my camera, nor had the time to stop and shoot with my phone!

  20. I as you Carole love to take pictures though locally I seem to have run out of subjects though I know I'm just not looking hard enough. I do have something up my sleeve though. I have just discovered there are river boat tours on the Charles river. One is an architecture tour and the other is a sunset tour. I have never taken pictures of the Boston skyline from that particular vantage point and never at sunset. This may happen in a month or so. It costs $17.00 and lasts about an hour and a half. Not bad.

  21. Hello I'm also short of wildflower s and other interesting shots. It seems there is not a lot around here either. It's a shame really , but alas if I do spot something I will sure to post it. Many Blessing new friend Sheila :) x